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How do you spend your weekends?
Hi Guys Smile

How do you usually spend your weekends or off-days? Smile

As for me, I like to cook meals based on some new recipes which I found online.

I used to go to cinemas once in a while to watch movies. But I switched to watching movies at home after the pandemic.

I also like to read comics. Tintin, Garfield and Foxtrot are my favourites. Smile
Gardening is my relaxation go to activity. 

I also like to shop at estate sales - I collect alot of "stuff" but it is harder to find the things I collect these days - still fun to look though
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Usually write, spend time outdoors or with my dogs. Sometimes I like to go on an adventure like driving to someplace I never been before. I have my preferred kind of shows to watch and books and comics to read too. I also cook, so on weekends I might try cooking something more elaborate than I usually make.
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At the moment I don't do a lot at the weekends. If i's dry tomorrow I might go and have two half pints at a pub where I live and go for a wonder all where I live.
Tonight I'm just talking to a mate who is larking on here somewhere (Dan), apart from that, that's all I'm doing on my Saturday night.
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Work on Saturday, day off on Sunday and talking to my good mate.
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I usually just relax in the apartment, maybe see some friends.
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I like going out for long walks over the weekend, and usually end up at my favourite coffee shop, where I'll sit at a table outside and read a chapter or two of whatever book I'm reading, and generally watch the world go by.

Then stay up late playing computer games with my two best friends, catching up with them on a call, usually until the sun starts coming up and I can hear the birds outside and wonder where the time went  Big Grin
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I bake a lot on the weekends. But I'm trying to slow down because I'm out of people to give away my baked goods. Additionally, it is not advisable to even in contact with people outside as we're under lockdown (since last year and still ongoing). Covid running rampant in here.
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No special weekend activities, it just feels quieter ‘out there’.

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