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How far we have come
Actually the south apparently is where most gay families are going and most accepted O_o Its a weird statistic I know. Ive never been gay bashed thank god and I always feel horrible and want to cry whenever I hear anyone take their life Sad Im a very emotional person internally and it kills me when I see their face as well in a newspaper or something. Why do they have to take their lives... Its just so sad just because some assholes decided to bully them or couldn't stand who they were attracted to Sad

Actually the south apparently is where most gay families are going and most accepted

This I cannot beleive..."most accepted"...not a chance. You can take a quick look at polls concerning gay marraige and gay people raising children and the polls will definitely show the Northeast and West as much more accepting...the South and Midwest (AKA Bible Belt) are the least.

Support for Same-Sex Marriage, State by State - Graphic -

There isn't a single southern state in the top 20 and most populate the bottom 20.
The statistic was a greater proportion of same-sex couples, who live together, have children in southern states than elsewhere. Fascinating though it is, doesn't say anything about acceptance.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
I am living in TX so I know how thing is in here.
Want to flee out of this State to East Coast as soon as I graduate lol
Is all of Texas the same? Houston has a lesbian Mayor.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Hi Fred, not all of texas is the same, I am next door in new mexico, nice here not much in the way of negitivity, still we must strove forward and make our voices heard. The political arena is but one, we must also let the masses know how many of us there really are and we re no differant than them likes and dislikes wants and needs. There is only one minor differance that we were born with that makes us differant, and it is time for minor things to be over looked for the betterment of the world, Jim
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man this is very deep i get depressed at times but i shall not give up thank you james
Michael, you are and always will be my friend, nice to here your commitents, feelings, just remember we all can get through this together, James
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Regarding gays/lesbians in Texas............
First of all, I'm not originally from Texas, so I was a bit apprehensive to move here (as I've always equated the South to conservatism and ignorance).
I can't speak for the entire state, but Houston (and Dallas as well) have active & large gay communities. I've never felt in danger because of my sexuality. I'm not saying the city is bigot-free (I've ran into a couple), but bigots are everywhere. I've basically found Houston to be a "live and let live" city. Now, I'm sure it would be difficult to be out and gay in the rural areas of Texas.... but that's basically true for every state.
Yes, Houston has an openly gay mayor; her name is Annise Parker.
This is so beautiful. Indeed, very inspiring. Thanks

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