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How gay IS this person?
I'd just add, I think eventually this whole episode might end up being one of those things you regret in life. I could be wrong about that, but he's pretty obviously using you for sex without giving much in return.
I agree with everyone else. You are just a means to an end. I have an acquaintance that acts the same way. I have no emotional attachment to him, we just use each other for relief. That's not to say I don't like him or anything, it's just no strings attached sex.
Thanks for the responses.

Actually I'm 95 percent okay with things the way they are. I don't want a relationship with this guy, or with anyone really. He's not "partner" material for the long term. No I wouldn't call him a player at ALL, because he'd be getting a lot more sex with girls if that were the case. We are both getting things from each other, so I don't feel used. (What I get out of it is, I get to see a very attractive guy naked for hours at a time, and I get to touch him all over, and--- recently anyway--- I get to be touched also. That's fun). The only thing I'd like more of, that I'm not already getting is: I do wish he'd let me kiss him above the neck. But then again, he (apparently) wishes that he could do anal sex on me, because he really wanted to do that the last time we were together. I told him a strong no on that (anal has never been my thing), just like told me no on the kissing issue. so.... I have my limits too, and we both have to respect them I guess.

Having roommates is a hindering factor on both sides, and I'd be really curious to see how far he might go if that weren't an issue. On one occasion, a few months ago, I had locked my apartment keys IN the apartment, and had to wait an entire weekend for my roommate to come home to let me in. I stayed in a motel for those two days. When my "buddy" found out I was in a motel, he REALLY wanted to come over and "watch TV", but unfortunately I was checking out that day and there wasn't time. I will always wonder what might have transpired if he had come over.

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