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How long does it take to feel good to bottom?
I am a virgin, but I am pretty damn sure that I want to bottom. For all the bottoms out there, how long did it take for you to feel orgasm? How much does the size of a penis matter?
You can feel good the first time. The key is to be relaxed, use condoms, lots of lube and have your partner go slow and in sync with you.
Size of penis does matter to a minor point, it has to be long enough to hit the prostate.

The top also has know how to use his penis to massage the prostate - not so much beat it with a stick, but rub it.

If don't properly, you can expect to get off in minutes - or less than a minute depending on how mentally into it you are.
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[QUOTE=The top also has know how to use his penis to massage the prostate[/QUOTE]

I've been experimenting with anal pleasure for quite sometime, but I don't know if I've ever reached or massaged the prostate correctly. Being single, I've had incredible amounts of time to experiment with my fingers and hands, carrots and cucumbers, and nowadays with my 7 1/2" Doc Johnson dildo (which I LOVE:biggrinSmile, but I don't know if I've ever found this supposed sensitive spot, or manipulated it in the right way, because normally I have to orgasm pumping my penis like usual, though it's a damn strong orgasm! So... any tips for those practicing to bottom manually? Would be appreciated.

-Der Jack
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