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How much sugar is in your favourite soft drink?
This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise if you're health concious:
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Water and coffee is all I drink these days. I like to know whats in the stuff I drink.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Yes --- this is why I now drink Polar Seltzer. Great flavors like pomegranate, cranberry-lime, etc., and no sugar or additives.
Coca-Cola is the only soft drink I consume, and I have a much bigger issue with the caffeine than the sugar content (actually, the sugar content is about the same as I put into a glass of tea, which is more or less the same amount, so it's not really more than I am used to). Caffeine-free Coke is ubiquitous in Italy, but I haven't seen it in France or in other European countries.

I don't drink energy drinks, they're awful. I don't tolerate caffeine that well, so it's not in my own interest to have them.

I have cut back on my Coke use, though. Compared to how much I used to drink it in my 20s, it's significantly less now.
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someone showed me a web page with each can and the sugar inside in a bag by the side of it - it was shocking to see - and shocking how that huge bag of sugar must be dissolved in each can we drink
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haha that is so awesome man......

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