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How to initiate sex in a healthy way.
My question here is what are healthy experiences/ways you have had success in initiating sex. 

I’ve seen a post about roles perhaps specifically “Top versus Bottom”. I’m specifically talking about Dominant or Submissive. However if you have not been in that particular situation I am happy to still hear your stories/experiences. 

For me in particular I am learning to become more dominant. It just is not something I’m incredibly used to. However in my new relationship we’ve discussed me being more dominant and assertive in the bedroom. I struggle with initiating intimacy mostly. However once intimacy starts I am more than ok with taking the lead. I was able to talk it out with my partner and I found out what works and what doesn’t. Often a submissive partner enjoys feeling comforted during certain acts. In the form of verbal feedback or touch. I still struggle a bit to get things started but overall I’ve become more confident in my sexual expression that way. 
Do you think it's ok if boyfriend or girlfriend initiates sex with the other when they are asleep ?

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