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How to initiate sex in a healthy way.
My question here is what are healthy experiences/ways you have had success in initiating sex. 

I’ve seen a post about roles perhaps specifically “Top versus Bottom”. I’m specifically talking about Dominant or Submissive. However if you have not been in that particular situation I am happy to still hear your stories/experiences. 

For me in particular I am learning to become more dominant. It just is not something I’m incredibly used to. However in my new relationship we’ve discussed me being more dominant and assertive in the bedroom. I struggle with initiating intimacy mostly. However once intimacy starts I am more than ok with taking the lead. I was able to talk it out with my partner and I found out what works and what doesn’t. Often a submissive partner enjoys feeling comforted during certain acts. In the form of verbal feedback or touch. I still struggle a bit to get things started but overall I’ve become more confident in my sexual expression that way. 

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