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How to tell parents im engaged
Heyy you guys, long time no talk.....figured id post a little something on here, it has been a while. How has everyone been?

For the past several months now i have been struggling with wondering when the right time would be to come out to my family that i am engaged. Honestly i have been for a while, i think about a year or so now. Lately i have been debating on whether i should just wait until i move out. Not that my parents are prejudice, thats not really the case. My dad is very religious, however, and i've just been worried that if i were to tell him i'm engaged, how awkward things might get. I believe my mom already knows's rather obvious in some of my poetry. I post the majority of them on and i know she has it bookmarked on her phone. I guess that was my way of telling her though. otherwise i probably would have never given her the link.

Maybe i should just wait to move out though.....before i tell my dad i mean. I really haven't decided yet.
I would suggest waiting until either you have moved out, or at the very least are prepared to move out at a moment's notice and able to support yourself.

It's a precaution, in case he reacts badly.

And congrats!
First congrats on being engaged !!

As TwisttheLeaf has said it would be a good idea to wait till your gonna move out or have done so. Since your dad is religious it might not go over too well.

I know from personal experiences what its like to be disowned by your family over this and yours might not be as drastic as my family was just be prepared.

Also you should make a thread with your poems its always nice to see others work.
Congratulations on your engagement, that's awesome. My BF and I are getting married August 25th, and I love hearing about other couples/

In terms of coming out to family, I have to agree with the others - wait until you're independent. That way, any opposition will not become a threat to your relationship.

I wish you and your fiancé the absolute best of everything.
Congratulations! I agree with everyone else who says to wait until you're out of the house and on your own, but for a darker reason: there may only be a one-zillionth of a chance that your engagement falls through (we all certainly hope it doesn't happen to you!), but the last thing you would need to add to that heart ache is a parent taking an "I told you so" or "See? God doesn't think you should do that!" attitude. And also then when you tell them, you have the option of mentioning how long you've been engaged and why you couldn't tell them; that's up to you to play that card if you feel the need.
Thanks you guys ^^ I have come to settle on that option in particular.

Most of my family knows im Pansexual....well no, they still think im bisexual or gay at least. But they know that much. They've known about me and Dymond (fiance) being boyfriends for a while now. My main worry is just telling my dad. Thanks for the good advice though you guys, i appreciate it.

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