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Hurricane Ida
Although now downgraded to a tropical storm, live video of Ida making landfall was insane...
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Yes, it was. I was channel hopping some of the youtube live feeds from storm chasers (including Reed Timmer) who were in the eye wall. Mother nature can be brutal sometimes!
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Indeed, I was not expecting to see that live yesterday, that's for sure. I do like Reed, he lives kinda close to me, close meaning one state over lol. Crazy all the damage to Dominator Fore, but still keep driving it.

It is sad that those people keep kit every year by tropical systems and this is on the meaner side.
Yes, I was surprised to see him there, he's usually off chasing tornados. I guess a category 4 hurricane is like one giant tornado lol

Yes, it surprises me why some people stay on those vulnerable coastal areas. Home is home I guess. Live in hope that they will get a near miss most of the time.
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One reason they stay in those areas is poverty. They don’t have the means to evacuate or move.

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That is very much a reason that keeps many people where they're at and in bad situations, bad relationships and so on...
I saw in the news that some parts of New York have faced floods. Subway stations were flooded. Passengers were standing on the seats in the bus to avoid the flood.

I'm not sure if many states in US have been affected by the hurricane.

I hope all GS members living in USA are safe and fine.
Seems that we dodged a bullet although we got about 4.34" (12 cm) of rain we didn't experience winds or flooding here, seems that as the system moved off to the north it spawned several tornadoes and flooding in many places in the northeast...

I hope you weren't flooded in your cellar apartment @CellarDweller I saw that New Jersey was hit pretty bad.
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I'm doing OK @Bookworm!

Yes, NJ got some crazy weather, and 7 tornados. Unreal.

However, I must clarify. I live in an apartment on the second floor. However, the building's basement did get some water in it.

CellarDweller has been my screen name since I lived at home with my parents. My bedroom was in the attic, but in the summer it was too hot to be up there. So I had my CDs, DVDs, computer, TV, and DVD player all in the cellar, and that's where I would go after work, so that's where the name came from.
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