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List somethings thing you look for in a guys appearance. I'm not looking for things such as good looks abs blah blah blah ...

I'm talking hygiene, how he's dressed, how he presents himself etc.. : ) Also I'd love to hear your bad and good stories.

(I'll post more about my preferences when I get out of statistic class)
Hmmm...I have an OCD obsession with clean fingernails. I clean mine 3-5 times a day and I tried to break this habit years ago but gave up finally when I realized it was not really hurting me or anyone else and it wasn't a battle I can win. If someone has dirty fingernails it is not a good thing for me.

The other thing...FEET! UGH! Cover them up:biggrin: I think feet look great if the rest of you is naked but feet on their own...I have to tell myself to not look down and really keep focused on looking at the person's eyes instead of their feet. I am afraid my face and expressions will show what I am thinking.

Other than that...I like casual looking guys...definitely blue collar versus white collar.

If someone has a sweater tied around their neck...complete turn off. Hair color highlights? YUCK. Pretend tans...barf. That is another weird thing...I hate tan lines and tans in general. Tans turn me off. I like someone to be the color they are.
Well this isn't so much "hygiene", but I cant stand guys with ponytails or long hair... really sorry if that applies to anyone here but it's just a non-starter for me if a guy looks like this...

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRC0Difttgr7ejgbzEoliA...9X2o7_JlUs]
lol haha great starter.

Hmmm for me, a guy who dress to impress : ) Obviously not all the time, he's gotta love what he wears and he wears them proudly. He's gotta have a neat hair cut, facial hair shaved, but I love a guy who has light highlights on his face like the above pic.

He's gotta take care of his teeth Tongue I'm obsessed with teeth lol, I brush two if not three times a day. Gosh he better floss, and he's gotta smell good. Tongue although I'll totally go for that sweaty musky smell only if he's just finished working out.

Oh yah, he's gotta work out at least 4 times a week Tongue good health ethics of course always! I don't want a jock, or hunk or anything, just someone who cares for themselves, and can do things like the above with me...

Is that too much?
gay or straight the basics:
-dont smell bad, bad breath, smell of alcohol.
-dont cough you lungs out in public
-never smoke

dress to impress
-dont arrive to help with a car project in your best t-shirt.
-wear latex gloves on said project, fixes a number of bad things
-never have mud on the prada shoes
-never take the Louis Vuitton bag to the gym
-know how to tie a bow tie
-its a recession; never pay full price, never buy fake

-never phuck with the staff anywhere, respect & tip well or cook it yourself
-never be w/o communication, driving slow, direction impaired; all a sin, get an iPhone
-never talk bad about anyone, except to your hag
-incorporate good into your life, even from a bad situation
Hygiene is a wolf-like animal in africa...

Here : the male hygiene
[Image: Crocuta-hejda.jpg]

C: wikipedia

Proud to be Gay & Pagan

[Image: pentagramm.gif]

31.10 Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween
21.12 Yule
STOP eating Animals !
lol Fenris Tongue isn't that a hyena?
That picture is not too appealing to me either, but mainly because I think multi-pony tails looks stupid. I like 1 pony tail, and I like long hair.

I kinda swing between 2 extremes of liking a more "feminine" looking boy, or a ripped out (but still somewhat slender) guy. I like a face that slims out to a peak at the chin.

Forgive me, but in men, I prefer slender. In women, I am fine with being bigger. But so far, I haven't found that same statement to be true for my taste of guys.

Muscles Big Grin
fenris Wrote:Hygiene is a wolf-like animal in africa...

Here : the male hygiene
[Image: Crocuta-hejda.jpg]

C: wikipedia

i could not find anything "Hygiene" from Africa
could be mis spelled
X___X Isn't that a Hyena?

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