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I Have To Get This Out
This is just my way of venting but here goes nothing. I'm tired of being alone I really am. Its othing but hurt. Yes I have friends who love me but that just doesn't fill the void I feel whenever I see a couple around.
Tonight Im feeling quite depressed because I just learned that a close friend of mine had a friend over a few days ago and there was a gay single man in his house who apparently had a lot of the same interests as me. This is typical for my luck; miss a chance to perhaps make a new friend or more. I don't have many gay friends sadly and well it ticked me off that another possibility had slipped by. They had considered calling me but I was in school.
This happened over summer as well; I had a whole bunch of chances and I tried going after them but then something happened or the guy found someone else. I'm tired of this happening; all these chances and not one I get a shot at... Sigh that is all; if you read through all this I applaud you.
I know what you are feeling ... I really know .... Take your Time ... like I have said to you days before .... watch out for a friend but don´t rush, think that you want a friend who is right for you ..not only a guy who helps you only against being alone... this kind of friend would be the wrong friend.
But .. make sure to remember this time in your life ... and sometimes you can be a friend for someone in the same situation like yours now ...
Hey, you'll have plenty more chances, I had tons of missed chances around that age too. No use worrying over missed opportunities, you can't do anything to change the past, look forward, think about how you can avoid what got in the way beforehand and move on.
Thanks guys; I feel a lot better now that I got that out. It really helped.
I know exactly how you feel. I used to feel so alone.:frown:
But not so much now days.Confusedmile:

I'm sure there are LOADS of guys that would bend over backwards to be with a guy like you.
(Sorry i know this is a serioud thing.... but did i make a gay joke?....Oh i said "backwards".....good....:tongueSmile
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
#Pip: I agree with you, Pip.
#Dark: Don't waste your time! Look forward. Do favorite things, spend your time with parent, family, don't look your back 'cause Past's Past
Like they say in The Bahamas:

"Bey, ya young bey", lol

I agree with the guys, you will find Mr. Right-now, lol, when you find him. Can you imagine, someone missing these opportunities their entire lifetime? Some has endured loneliness for decades. I am just trying to say, stay on top of things, positive, and alert. Don't allow this to drag you further into self-pity, cause from there it gets worse.
I know; I just posted that to get it out is all. I'm glad I did because it helped a lot. I felt a lot better after. I guess I just needed to vent and most people here are nice enough to where I don't mind doing that here.
Spent eight years feeling like that....all better now. So happiness is out there....never lose hopeXyxthumbs

Thanks again everyone

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