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I Love Phillip Morris

The R rated red band trailer
That looks great! When is it supposed to be released?
U.S. release date is December 3rd 2010
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
I already wached it. It s a good movie but I dont like the ending. The guy is really smart and entertaining Smile i like his lover ( phillip moris) one pf the few bottoms can turn me on:d
Weird. I'm sure we saw that months ago. How come it's only just being released in the US?
Oh great - more stereotyping in the media, along with criminality giving the Right Wing (nuts) something to point at and demonstrate how 'bad' homosexuality is.

To some extent you may be right, Bowyn, so we'll see how the US accepts it. It was released in Europe about a year ago. I went to see it and enjoyed it a lot, although I found it profoundly cheeky... I know gays are not like this as a community, and anybody who thinks that way needs to be educated. I know that not all prisons are run like the ones of Oz or Prison Break, and I know that not all housewives are desperate.
But it must be said that this is a comedy and, like most comedies, it takes the micky out of several situations including what happened with ENRON for example. The trailer says it all. It's an incredible story (even if true) and has to be viewed as an exaggeration, not a depiction of the gay community. Are films only a mirror of society?
Are films only a mirror of society?

I have always regarded zombie movies as documentaries in I hope the answer is yes:biggrin:

I personally do not care what stereotypes other people perpetuate or are influenced by because I am not responsible for what they think or feel and if someone else want to embrace stereotypes as reality they have bigger problems anyway..

I heard this all the time with Will and Grace and though I did not care for Will or Grace or the other guy who was played by Sean Hayes (forgot his name)...I loved Karen and her maid...and they were both stereotypes as well...

One stereotyped the idle stereotyped Latin stereotyped straight women who liked gay stereotyped a shallow gay stereotyped a boring gay man...and my ultimate question was...what exactly is your point? for the people that complained. If you are worried about other people viewing you unfavorably and with bias because they get their info from Will and Grace then your problem isn't the other people.
marshlander Wrote:Weird. I'm sure we saw that months ago. How come it's only just being released in the US?

The film was released in Europe, Taiwan and Japan between February and April 2010. Although a limited run in the United States was initially scheduled for April 30, 2010, it was later reported that the film's release had been indefinitely postponed by its distributors, Consolidated Pictures Group.

On April 12, 2010, Variety announced the distributor had had a change of heart and that I Love You Phillip Morris would be shown in limited theaters starting July 30 before expanding nationwide on August 6.

On June 3, 2010, the film was delayed yet again due to legal battles. The film is now scheduled for a December 3, 2010 release after Roadside Attractions and Liddell Entertainment acquire the rights to distribute in the United States

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