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I am new Here Welcome to me:P
PrinceOfArabia Wrote:
Thanks a lot for everyone & for wishing me.
You all are so nice & am glad i joined this site & today am talking to you guys.

Many thanks & really appreciate your warm welcome


LOL; You DID kind of BEG for it.... Wink

welcome to the forums, hope you like it here Big Grin and hope that soem day you and the one you love can meet and be happy together Smile
Hello Prince!

welcome to the forums... sorry to hear about your situation, long distance relationships aren't impossible Smile
Hi Prince! I'm sorry to hear about your distance problem but at least you two are trying, right? That makes it so sweet.

And you really live in Dubai? That place is gorgeous! I want to visit there so badly! I just have this thing with architecture and skylines LOL
Um, I'm pretty laid-back and just live to laugh and enjoy myself. I'd say I'm easy to talk to and friendly so if you wanna add me on MSN or anything feel free to!
السلام عليكم اتمنى لك وقت ممتع هنا
Revolutions009 Wrote:السلام عليكم اتمنى لك وقت ممتع هنا

Not sure Andy will allow this... What does it say?
Quote:السلام عليكم اتمنى لك وقت ممتع هنا

The translation is, "Peace be upon you, I wish you a nice time here"

Ever since Alladin, I have had an unexplained fondness for Middle Easterners. Some of them are beyond fine. lol. Well, Welcome guy. Have fun, and a kind thought will go out for you and your boyfriend!!!

Oh, translation is in care of Babylon 8 Translation Software and Dictionary Tool

Revolutions009 Wrote:السلام عليكم اتمنى لك وقت ممتع هنا

Walakum-us-Salam Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatuh
I know one of the conditions was that people post in English on here. Nothing wrong with the odd bit of foreign language, as long as it's translated so everyone can understand it. Thanks for the phonetics, Hajime and for the translation (care of Babylon) Aaycles...

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