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I dismiss Gym Rats
Generalizing is never good, sure there maybe some guys that are shallow and insecure but the majority of people I've met in the gym are there because they either love working out or trying to improve their bodies for health reasons(like myself). Actually a lot of regulars at my gym are health nuts and a good source of info for tips to live healthy.
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I think it's not right to generalise. Also sometimes it's just the way we think. Although yes, I'm not denying, there are shallow gym rats.

Hi. I'm a gym rat myself. I train 5 times per week. I trained in gym since 2012.

95% gym goers that I met are very friendly. The other 5% are not but they are minority and do not represent most in my gym.

What I can tell you is a lot of serious gym rats don't like to talk during training. Same goes with me. As we would like to focus on our training completely. But of course, if my gym friends say hi to me in the middle of training, I would say hi and have a very short chat. But we all do our best to communicate minimally -  smile, wave, say 'hey, good morning' and off to training. We can have our big chat after training.
Yeah, it generally not good to generalize. I do however dislike this certain personality of the so-called alpha male, it's not so much whether they live at the gym per se.
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