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I'm Ed
Hey all,

My name is Ed and I'm from Buffalo. I'm literally one day away from finishing my masters' degree in Linguistics (yayyy!) I joined this forum to try to start getting more into the gay community. As for my interests, I'm mostly into science fiction and video games. I also do waaaay too much shopping. I can't wait to talk to y'all!
hello and welcome Ed! If you are doing linguistics, which languages are you studying?
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Hello Ed welcome Confusedmile:

Everyone knows I love me some sci-fi and videogames
I mostly do computational stuff, so I know a lot of computer languages. I know a bit of Spanish, German, Old Norse, and Latin. Haven't really had that much of an opportunity to speak them though, so I'm very rusty.
Sci-fi is great. I just finished watching all of the new Dr. Who straight through and now I'm working on Stargate.
well. I love shopping too, same interest
It sure is a great way to pass the time. But it is way more expensive than sitting on the computer.
just windows shopping guy, i sometimes catch somethings interesting on that. So, why don't we shop around and take some coffee with your friends ha
welcome to the forums ed
Welcome to the Gs community of friends

Old Norse I do not speak it but love the stories of Odin and his clan

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