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I'm a complete wreck...
Full closure doesn't mean you can't remain friends, however.... See if you can work that one out. It's the romance you have to give up. Good luck.
So i have been talking with my ex and actually asking him for help about what I should be doing now. He was always a great source of advice. We seem to be doing ok as friends and his music projects are really starting to blossom.

So recently I have developed feelings for two guys and it is kind of confusing. I personally think I try to talk with them both too much and that I am trying to fill the hole of my last relationship. I do a lot of "self-analyzing" and reflection. I have noticed that I am rather needy compared to how I was before my last relationship. I am constantly looking for someone to talk to (mostly the two guys I like), so that they can fill the 'emptiness". I really do not like it as I do not think that is the real me. I find myself thinking about these guys throughout most of the day and sometimes even texting them a lot with them not even responding ><. I am doing a little better as I am trying to limit when, why and how many times i try to initiate a conversation. I try to talk with them even if I am with friends or family. I need to slow down...

I don't know, I just needed to vent a little. I guess I need more time. How would you guys deal with this? ><
Like others have mentioned. This is completely normal. No one wants to be alone. I myself believed that it would be better to be alone. I was just lying to myself. Youve just gotten out of a long relationship. Of course youre going to want to find someone to fill the emptiness you are feeling. That doesnt make you a bad person. Im sure the guys you are talking to now know that you are at a pretty low point and that you need someone to talk to.
Three years of being with someone is a long time. It's going to take time even if it came to a calm end. I'm glad the two of you are still talking and are friends. I think that's going to be important in bringing closure to both of you. It's nice to see that the mutual respect, support and caring is still there. So, I hope you realize that in itself says something pretty incredible about you. I really respect that.

I can't really speak personally about rebounds or breakups. But, I can speak about over-thinking/over-analyzing. Wink I do a lot of self-reflection and I have found that sometimes I need to give myself a break. It's almost like you have to let your mind rest and let things naturally balance themselves.

You might also want to explore some independent activities like running/jogging or meditating to slowly get yourself back to enjoying solitude again. Maybe get outside and lay in the sun?

As the self-analyzing type, you also probably knew already during the course of the relationship what was happening. There might not be anything "new" right now for you to figure out.

So, I would just focus on things to help you relax. Bighug
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You don't shine by putting out someone else's light.
AND YOU SHOULD FEEL SLUTTY. you ust broke up and FOOLED around with someone else? does that mean you're over it? because if you got over a 3 year relationship in one week. you def. should not be over it. Quit making yourself vunerable and feeble when you know you arent. if your hurt, YOUR HURT. no ones gonna judge you. Instead youll be judged on how you cope. and this little detour your taking? normal? yes. a mistake? YES. recollect yourself. and pull yourself together- your descisions are child like. YOU CANT ERASE 3 YEARS OF LOVE with SEX IN A WEEK. unless there was really no love in those 3 years. then you really would be a slut. Move swiftly, but at least take some time to reflect. you MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF. dont dwell on it too long. TAKE SOME TIME TO KNOW PEOPLE. and perhaps your little break up fiasco WONT HAPPEN AGAIN.
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My advice is to let your heart mend first before you move onwards purely because from own experience i did this rebound step and it ended up with me hurting more on false love and him being hurt too dont rush where fools fear to tread is an expression which is true so take your time andf let things fall inbto place properly

Kindest regards

zeon x
wow your an ass way to help him feel better ya so what he had a one night stand so what who hasent we are all human and make mistakes live with it and learn from it you cant dwell on the past pick your self up and live for the pressent and the future

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