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I'm just about to snap.. :(
So, i think i'm gonna snap, i just got back from L.A it was amazing everything was beautiful and i meet a guy i really liked, so i got to know him and he was telling me all these problems that i thought we real, he was all like ' I'm not a cheater i've never cheated in my life, i've been cheated on so much in my life' so on.. so i'm a sucker i'll believe anything... i'm pretty dumb that way, two days later, my friends says to me 'i'm so sorry i didn't know you liked him' well then i was confused..., i go onto my messanger and talk to him and ask him so 'what happend between you and my friend' and he goes oh nothing just talked to her and all, then i left it another day i get online and i see them both online so i add them in a convo so and he lied to both of our faces this guy wasn't gay, he was a player, so i didn't know what to do so i took a low blow at him and said ' well i still wouldn't date you if you were the last man on earth ' so i don't know if i should cry or if i should just you know throw stuff! its not cool!, but apart from that my trip was great...
I don't think he's worth crying over dude... although breaking stuff is amazingly therapeutic.

Situations like this nobody really wins - he's enough of an asshole to not feel anything over it, and even thought it takes up a chunk of pride, you should feel the same. I don't think getting a shot in was a bad thing to do at all, you deserve that at least; work on finding someone better for you closer to home Smile... it kinda reminds me a lot of one of my exes, he used to get into a lot of scrapes through this. I wouldn't advise you to become more suspicious, that doesn't help anyone - but like I told him, you may need some new batteries for your bullshit detector.
well you have learned a lesson everyone must sooner or later especially in LA the players are out there beware. glad you had fun otherwise . oh yes throwing things helps
hmmm... sorry to hear you met a player. I've heard similar stories about LA guys, although i'm not generalizing here. I would say take a few deep breathes, refocus, and eliminate these players from your mind Smile
Oh, My God, what the fucking he talks about? He's not cheater, have never cheated in his life. and after everything you done, he said "well i still wouldn't date you if you were the last man on earth", He's a big big pig, i guess.
Don't blame on yourself, Although how do you love him, he's just a bastard, He doesn't need to be loved. I regret your love's put wrong way. Don't cry, you should laugh loud.
laughing i find is the best medicine. there's never any point in wasting time crying over someone. eventually, the veil of lust gets taken off and you can get back to ticking!
I know you may not read. Wow that dude you met is a prick. That's pretty unfortunate and this may be your last thread. I'm not sure if this made you decide to leave this forum.

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