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I'm the newest 'queer' in town, remember that ;).
First name: Luke
Nickname(s)? Lucas, Cuddle Monster, Human Soapbox
Orientation: I'm as Queer As Folk... (Gay)
Where you live: Bredbury, Near Manchester
What you do (job, schooling, etc.): I'm a student, College
Dream job: A List Actor
Religion (or lack thereof): Spiritual
Political philosophy: Lib Dem
Interests and hobbies: Politics, Music, Swimming, Pro Wrestling, Reading, Drama, Films
Drinking, drugs or sobriety?: I don't drink a lot of alcohol, unless I'm partying hard.
Special talents: Acting
Pet peeves: Bigots, Racists, Homophobes, Ignorance
Personal hero: Harvey Milk
Favourite real-life homosexual: Alan Carr
Favourite movies: Milk, Mean Girls, Green Street, Shelter, Harry Potter
Favourite TV shows: Gavin and Stacey, Hollyoaks, Queer as Folk, The Voice, X Factor, Big Brother (JEDWARD TO WIN)
Favourite music: ARCADE FIRE... (Seeing them live, I've shook Win Butler's hand, just saying), Bjork, Patrick Wolf, Anything rock, anything Indie.
Favourite books: I'l read anything... apart from The Daily Mail .
Favourite food: Pizza, Pasta, Dairylea Cheese, Chicken Curry
A quote to live by: Live everyday like it is your F***ing last...

So yeah in short I'm a 16 year old homosexual who came out in April of this year to the best response in the world, I love reading books, Arcade Fire and Alan Carr and I can't stand Ignorance or Bigots... I'm bored of being single as well (not why I'm here though).

Pleasure meeting you all.
Hello, BlackDagger, and welcome. I guess that is about as comprehensive an introduction as we've seen on here. Wink
I liked your intriduction Wink

Welcome my friend!
Welcome to the forum, Luke
Welcome to GaySpeak Luke!!!Hope you enjoy your stay. :-)
Hi welcome to GS!
Hello and Welcome to GaySpeak, Luc le Poignard Noir.... How does your nickname sound in French? Good introduction, by the way... Hope to get to know you better. About being single, don't fret, it'll happen in due course.
hello luke congrulations and i love arcade fire too welcome to the forum manConfusedmile:
hey, welcome to the site.
CuddleMonster Wink

What an impressive intro, I love it.

Welcome to our happy little gang, look forward to reading more of your posts Smile

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