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I might have just agreed to a date..
Well.. you all might be aware of my other post about the cute guy who approached me and although embarrased, shy and nervous worked up the guts to say he thought I was cute/hot and really lovely - this might have just gone a wee bit further, we're now friends so to speak and well.. he's insisted on taking me out to see a movie and then go for dinner with him and well.. me being me, I said yes :redface: we seem to click - personality wise, things in common, same attitude to life etc so I thought.. hell, might as well, nothing to lose and I'll get to know him better :redface::redface: Confusedmile: :confused: :biggrin: :eek: :biggrin:
i remember your thread about him - go for it mate , nothing to loose at all and everything to yourself and enjoy your evening together Thumbgrin, he does sound like he's keen on you
Good Luck!

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Cheerleader2 This is awesome! I'm so happy for you!

Have a great time, Midget!
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lol, awesome progress! Great you updated us on that, woah so proud of the progress and the way this is going.

Go on the date, enjoy it, and be yourself : )
Yaay! Have a great time. Bighug
Sounds good to me too, Midget. Good luck. Remember to be 'careful', should you go down the route of really getting to know him. It's still a good idea, for both of you, to be safe.
Wow, thats cool Smile
I miss that feeling you get when you get "asked out". So envious!!!
Good luck and have fun!
Midgetgem, good luck and have fun with your date!
sounds great! y'all need time to get to know each other so what a good way to do it with a date Tongue

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