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I need your help with something
The problem with bi sexual people is that their emotions tend to wonder between the two genders so dont blame yourself for something and you shouldnt change anything to make him appealing again just have a little bit of respect.. ln life there is loads of people to have sex with so why just stick with one? If it is over done too much it can be dead boring but whatever the outcome take it easy..
best of luck


p.s maybe give him some space now for him to re charge his sex drive and he may come looking again but whatever ya do dont change you for someone who isnt your partner or infact dont change full stop for anyone!
dfiant Wrote:Hmmm...friendship you say?

I don't think so. From what you have revealed your heart is treating this as a relationship. If you want friendship I think you are going to have to take a step back if you want to keep him as a friend.

Fuck buddies lead to one of 2 things...a relationship or total alienation when one of you get bored.

I would say that he was experimented with his sexuality and that experimentation is coming to an end. Time for you to find a real boyfriend to fill that void.

My thoughts as well.

Look for a man that will respect you and treat you right.........someone you can love and have love you back. You deserve it !!
Hello Azoo,

If the relationship is only friends with benefits or convince ,you really do not have any rights to each other.
In this day and age it is important to state the borders of a relationship and that means talking to the guy.

By the way welcome to G.S.

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