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I should have known I was gay when I was younger
One of my favorite Disney characters was Gaston. Still love his song, and do think of him as a misunderstood hero, even though he was a complete and utter slut and chauvinistic, and whatnot towards woman.

What are some of your should have known you were gay sooner stories?
I remember playing Final Fantasy VIII when I was 5 or 6 and having strange feelings about Cloud.
I really liked King Triton, The Beast and the grumpy gummybear..

That's the best I can come up with. Pretty lame.
Gay by nature. Proud by choice.
I wanted Trevelyan (from Goldeneye, the James Bond movie) to adopt me when I was a kid when I saw the movie. Didn't understand the feeling at all. I wanted to cuddle with him. Now I realize I wanted that Daddy to pound my child butt. Which is very, very wrong in retrospect. But when you're like seven years old or however I was, what can you do?
I treated Steve from blues clues like he was my boyfriend at like 5..... I was soo upset when he left i cried. He was like a boyfriend and so fucking cute i wanted to be with me badly
I am the angles that hold and surround you

I am the demon you're afraid to meet
When i was like 9, i had a friend which he was my bestfriend n i like to be around him since his brother is my older brother's friends... i think is one of real feeling for him, like a great deal for me n i thought of getting marry with him..yeah, at that times it was so embarrased to think about it...but i moved out to other town because of my dad worries about my granny's health...they were so had no idea why i was so badly crying about leaving to my dad's hometown...i am gonna miss him tho..
It was actually others who pointed out I might be a lesbian when I was 17. This was because in talking about my past, I mentioned many boys I was with, but it was more like we were friends who were playing a game of let's pretend (though I might tolerate some sexual behavior, I quickly got bored with it), and no boy ever broke my heart, nor was I ever jealous of a girl trying to steal my boyfriend, which I actually found funny.

In contrast, I was having sex with my best friend, and it hurt my feelings when she said it was "just practice" and "didn't count."

Though I don't recall crushing over anyone on screen (at least not until I was 17), I do recall some possible subtle clues. For example, as a child (not even hitting puberty yet) I read The Cat Who Wished to Be a Man over and over, and as the character made his love clear for a woman, I was right there with him. The book was practically told from his point of view (not first person, but I think he was in every scene) so I just assumed it was my identifying with the protagonist was just natural, but in retrospect I realized I didn't identify as strongly with female characters doing the same with men (though I might sympathize with them and hope it works out, my imagination and identification just wasn't as into it), ironically making it one of the few "romances" I liked (but it's filed under fantasy, not romance).
I had a thing for Sora outta Kingdom Hearts. Such a fucking cutey he is. This was when I was 10/11. I would just stare at him hehe
My stuffed animals were my best friends as a child.
less time figuring out who you really are ..

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