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I think I have the word D***.........
Shadow Wrote:Well as the boys have already said you'll never technically be alone, as you've got your friends on GS to kick about with and bounce ideas off ... obviously we can't necessarily help you in your day to day physical real life, but we can offer emotional and mental companionship if ever you're in need Confusedmile:.

Unfortunately I can't really help you on the clubbing side of things - my boyfriend lives in Ponty, and so my knowledge of the clubbing scene in Wales is virtually non-existent ... I just know that, apparently, Bridgend is not the place to go ...



!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

Hi All,
Shadow like the pun thats a very nasty nasty thing but amused me.. "Bridgend is not the place to go" That one im reffering to hehe...

I didnt start making real life friends till i was about 18 and had admitted my sexuality then noticed that my colours in my personality were changing and things were slipping into slots but mind you from going on the gay scene in Brighton and makin friends with 40 people ive ceased contact with 37 of them because all they wanted was for me at a young age to be on the meat rack so the remaining three i got im happy with and whatnot.. You see friendships come and go and as life goes on we tend to adapt to our own walks and ways of life and i beleive that the internet is a prime example of creating a friendship with someone you dont know.. Even though sceptics would argue that technically it is impossible to create a friendship like falling in love is impossible to do

Kindest regards

Zeon x

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