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I wondered if someone could help me
Amazon France supports the same one with this list of songs:
1. Feels Like I'm in Love [12" Version] 2. Run to Me [12" Version] 3. Make Love to Me [12" Version] 4. Take Me to Paradise 5. Loving Just for Fun [12" Version] 6. Hot Love [12" Version] 7. Head for the Stars [12" Version] 8. Don't Take Your Love to Hollywood [12" Version] 9. Get Up, Get on Your Feet 10. Breakout [12" Version] 11. I'm on Fire [12" Version] 12. New York at Night 13. This Night Was Made for Lovin' 14. Sentimentales Besos [Sentimental Kisses Spanish Version]
The presentation could be different from one country to the next but with the same songs.
E-bay Belgium sells it for euros 4.99 at this address...That's the same presentation as yours...1993 version. Kelly Marie - the best of (CD 1993) sealed* (objet 380049893506 Fin: 24-Oct-08 09:00:23 CEST)
Label here is SUCCESS; but I bet it's just another cover name for those cheap CDs...
I have no idea who she is and I can't help you find info about her but LOVING that CD cover!
Pickwick used to release records in the UK too. In my mind they are linked with a similar cheap label, Music For Pleasure. Often their record sleeves were stuffed into carousels and left outside the shops in all weathers. I think I may have bought a recycled Donovan album on Pickwick once. Generally, the records were to be avoided at all costs, being often of poor quality and having a minus credibility rating.
Thanks guys


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