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I'z a nub
weell... I'm a stupid little kid who never really got the concept... hell, until about fifth grade I thought a guy and a gal had buttsex to reproduce xD

Anyhoo: what the heck's the difference between cut and uncut? I've really never got the concept... I mean to me: a penis is a penis =P as long as it's used well: it's a good thing.

But for god's sake, can someone point out to me what's different? and no, I don't know what foreskin is xD
hi there

uncut = a penis that is left as it is at birth, with the foreskin intact. foreskin is a piece of skin that covers the tip of the penis and, when the penis is erect, slides back to reveal it. it requires more attentive cleaning than an uncut one because of the inner side of the skin, that is a place favourable for gathering bacteria and bodily fluids (if unwashed).

cut = a penis that has the foreskin surgically removed, for religious, health etc. purposes. this means that an uncut penis loses some sensitivity in the tip because it is always exposed.

i am sure you can find many images of these two types on the internet Smile
Pocket_pilgrim has hit the nail right on the head - however I just wanted to add weight to his comments about the cleaning of the penis if it's uncut.

If you're uncut, then you really ought to clean yourself every time you bathe or shower ... just roll the skin back over the glans (the head of the penis) - it'll nestle behind the head and you can then clean it properly.

NOBODY (in their right mind at any rate) likes an unclean uncut penis - that's just nasty in a way that should probably in a dictionary somewhere - as in PROPER nasty ... so do make sure you clean regularly if you're uncut Wink.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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