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ISIS and gays. (Very distressing reading)
Being pushed off a building is pretty humane. Being burned alive doesn't last longer than 5-8 minutes. Decapitation is the fastest and messiest...
You don't hear much about the people who are tied down so a truck can run over your feet then ankles, then shins, then knees, then thighs all the way up until they've had all the fun they can have. You don't hear much about the people tied up and left on the side of walls while trucks push the walls down on them. You need to see it all to know what it's like.

I have to walk a fine line and choose my words carefully when I talk to people who have not seen "this" with their own eyes. Unless you have witnessed it yourself you having nothing in your life to help you comprehend it as it is for what it is. If I were to try to "show" you through my eyes you'll have one of two reactions...
# 1 (the most popular up until about 2 years ago) accuse me of lying and exaggerating. call me a Islamophobe, a hater, a racist, a war monger.

# 2 Become paralyzed and catatonic in that part of all of us where outrage starts. For most people it's just too much to be absorbed condensed down into a 45 minute compressed oral recount of my 45210 minutes in war.

When someone asks about it or I feel ready to talk about it.. this thing in me clicks and I have to ask myself "how much do I think much can I tell without doing harm to myself and how much can I tell without doing harm to you?"

I don't even try anymore to have a discussion with anyone who wants to inject "religion of peace" talking points and non-fucking-existent Islamic moderates into it. They might as well be talking about tooth fairies and genies... but none of them don't KNOW that tooth fairies, genies and moderates don't exist because their "parents" keep telling them they do exist... and we all know "parents" never lie to the naive and witless, don't we?... and I hope some of you will understand what I've written here hasn't got one single thing to do with Moms and Dads.

I carried all my books on Christianity, Islam and the history of both to the storm cellar back before Christmas. Why? Scroll up an re-read my previous comment. I've given up with the human race except the few I find worth inviting into the sphere of friends I will give my life to protect from the human race. I know nothing else to do. No one in the human race wants to do anything about the greatest "disease" that has hit the earth in 800 years. It's all a bunch of hang wringers, liars and big talkers and people I've started calling factophobists --- all of them (you, too?) suffer from carentia narum (lack of backbone) ... No one wants to to believe 'they' need to do anything to help... the government will take of it... and what has the government done? As little as they could get by with and lie to you and say they've done something.

Until a few hundred thousand of human race decide they want to actually do something about this there's no sense in me wasting my time about it. When and if they really decide to take any sort of action of to solve problems I'll be around to help.

Until then I'm living everyday as if it's my last.
and at the same they consume wierd porn, google stats:

consume gay porn

i always remember that one interview where this old leader said: "oh, we dont even have gays in islam."

and lets not forget this "one hour marriage to fuck in a motel"‘ah

they are just blind even to themselves...

the problem is that the islam lives in poor countries and there are always poor people who loose their minds and will do whatever to get a better life and be controlled easy and brainwashed.
Virge Wrote:Until a few hundred thousand of human race decide they want to actually do something about this there's no sense in me wasting my time about it. When and if they really decide to take any sort of action of to solve problems I'll be around to help.

I think the media headlines haven't spurred people to action the way they once might have. People became complacent about the horrors of ISIS and even more so about the victims of that religion, especially when they read about them on a near daily basis. Our best intentions include bringing back that little girl they threw acid on, raising charity money for her multiple surgeries, and bring the media to focus on the vileness of the atrocity for a week of two. Then the public heaves a sigh of relief knowing it has done the right thing and washes its hands of the other daily victims of that kind of rabid religious fervor. People became overwhelmed and then resigned when confronted with the truth. More so since it wasn't happening right before their eyes. A wrong has been righted and, well, we've shown them, haven't we?


I agree with you and I think I understand your wariness about talking to people. You can only beat your head against the wall so many times before exhaustion sets in. I couldn't cope with what you've probably seen. I'm just not that emotionally strong.

Waiting for those thousands to rise up and do something is a little like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sort of like waiting for the next Pearl Harbor.
Above I said Islamic moderates do not exist... It's not just Islam.

The people in many things who are called moderates should be called something else besides that, something is honestly descriptive of what they are, 'Apathopists'... 'Ambienists,' .... 'Elavilians'... 'Valiumarians'.... For a few years I've been using an ancient Greek word to describe gay people like this. They are Lotofaggy (adjective and plural noun) Lotofaggus (singluar noun)

Since they make up at least half the population everywhere it's pretty hard to do anything with their help. Instead of helping they are always more than eager to stand back, observe criticize and watch people die and then say "oh well, there was nothing we could do... let's talk about something else. Is there a new reality tv series starting this week?'

I keep seeing a pattern that there ought to be a name for. It's the same basic dynamics over and over.

Christian "moderates" do nothing and are silent about the christian extremists.
Muslim "moderates" do nothing and are silent about the Muslim extremists.
Political rightist "moderates" do nothing and are silent about the far right political extremists.
Political leftist "moderates" do nothing and are silent about the far left political extremists.

In the meantime while the world is being torn apart by various 'extremisms' in everything --- the misnamed moderate people sit back and devote hours to discussing what they should do rather than doing anything themselves.

Sorry if I offended anyone. If you've been offended then... if the shoe fits... so be it.
#15 a footnote....

[Image: 11248076_928059007216033_710332567319223...e=56431C7D]

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