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If He Didn't Douche and He smells like POO What do you DO?
I would hate for any guy to be in this situation, but if it were to happen because you meet a HOTT Newbie and it quickly ended up with you two getting in to bed with him,your in the mood for Loving and then you get down to his bungina (manpussy) and then the smell from hell that kills the mood and any possible friendship in a second and may even turn you straight ! What would you do in that situation?
I would probably act like i did not smell anything and lure him into the bathroom so we could take a shower together, while i make sure hes clean hes gonna be thinking im doing it to please him?, its a bit far fetched but that's what i would try to do
I would do the classic "Look, whats that over there":eek: routine and jump out the bedroom window Xyxwave while he wasnt looking.Confusedmile:

I can tell you right now I wouldnt be hopping in bed with somebody I just barely met. Hopefully by the time we did get into the bedroom stage of the relationship I would know his hygiene habits. I honestly dont know what I would do if put in a situation like that.
Honestly, I'd be straight up, and tell him that he needs to douche, or I'm not putting my dick anywhere near that Bussy. I'd be polite about it, of course as to not embarrass him. We'd take a ride to the drug store and buy a douching system together so he wouldn't feel so weird about it. We'd go back home and I'd show him how to use it. Once everything was cleaned out, I'd fuck him like crazy!

I'd kill two birds with one stone... educate a newbie to gay sex hygiene, and at the same time, I'd still get up in itWink2

Everyone wins with the Dreamer!
Yeah right, I don't think the question was asked in quite the context everyone is imagining.
I think one of the things to do is back off... if you really can't stand the smell. Do something else with your bodies. You don't have to indulge in anal or rimming until you think the situation is clear and clean enough for you. I think Lerajie's solution to lure him into the bathroom is a good one, you can always pretext that you're not feeling clean enough yourself. The bathroom is another fun place to experiment with sex. If he doesn't follow you there, find another excuse. Remind him that it's not exactly hygienic to be rimming an unclean (festering) hole but that you'd like to maybe indulge him if he gets his act together. If he fails to respond, back off, as said earlier.
Otherwise, be realistic, the anus and bowel system deliver faeces; that's their function. You need to face up to that fact, maybe put yourself in that mindset too. Now you can tell your partner that you have an aversion to the smell, and get him to use the toilet before you start, or use a douche, but if you dare not say anything, change your plans. It's as simple as that.
I'm sure, after a little more acquaintance, that the subject can be broached and treated accordingly and more comfortably.
lol way back when I would normally ask politely if someone's been in the shower if I'm gonna be down there... Being able to talk about stuff like that is way better than just ignoring it. I think Prince has nailed this one, above ^

You've gotta be realistic about this - it's buttsex. Whether male or female and with all the hygiene in the world you have to bare that in mind; being clean and hygienic is essential, and most people here seem to know this and practice what they preach. In my experience I've found quite the opposite, that newbies are even more conscious of being squeaky clean if they're gonna try.
I am very sensitive with bad smell and every time before going to meet some one, I always shave, take a good shower. I am not a cleaning nerd but if a bad hygiene would totally turn me off. However, I think we should not embarrass the person by telling it into his face. It 's never smart to turn down a guy's ego. The shower trick would be good enough. I would pretend like I feel like I need a shower for myself and then ask if he wants to join ( in a slutty way =P ). However, after that I would consider if I should dating a person like that again. For me bad hygiene does not associate with being hot.
Run. Run fast, run long. Run.
To be honest I would just have sex with him, I wouldn't rim him though.
No matter how well you clean your behind it's never going to be 100% clean.
I find the smell of a mans taint to be a turn on anyway.
lookingatit Wrote:To be honest I would just have sex with him, I wouldn't rim him though.
No matter how well you clean your behind it's never going to be 100% clean.
I find the smell of a mans taint to be a turn on anyway.

Ive never rimmed before I was close to doing it once but I didnt open his but cheeks and go for the hole I just placed my mouth in between his but checks but i didnt smell anything. If I try it will I like it because If I taste or smell S@#..t Ill never do it again and I will sorry for the guy I try it on cause he wont get a good reaction from me. This is where I believe in Feminine Products down there!

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