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If this is true - do humans never learn?

If this is true, do humans never learn. Geeze wrong way again EPA.
Blue Wrote:If this is true...
no its notGlittering-red-lips
I fail to see the problem here.

We need experimentation to tell us more about things. While I do not agree with the way Nazis went about things, their experiments have proved invaluable to medical science.

As for the latter, they are still discussing the ethics of using the data:

I would assume testing fuel fumes on humans would be done with a lot more caution than it was done in the death camps.

If not, its only a dozen people out of over 7 billions - no one will miss them....

(that last was supposed to be dark humor)
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You'd think that they could just go out and ask a bunch of truck drivers a few questions - try sleeping with the engine off and the vents open. I hope you like diesel exhaust because your cab will be full of it by morning. Smile
I wouldn't trust most of that sites news stories, least not at face value, considering it's heavy political slant.
Oh I don't, I mean the EPA might have asked several to inhale diesel fumes then tested them, but the site goes into conspiracy like ramifications.
Humans never learn as long as they know they have the power....
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