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If you had a time machine...
Which time eras would you visit?

I'd go to Augustan Rome, then 1920s Shanghai, then maybe an ancient Greek comedy performance xD
Interesting question. April 1911 so I could be the one person in Britain thats says 'No thank you, I get sea sick.'

The 1880's so I could watch my great great grand father win his scull races and enter the record books as world champion.

Ancient Japan would be fascinating as well.

Maybe even go back and ask the author of the bible where he got his/her ideas from, and ask if they think it could cause any divisions in society.
If i could go back in time i would go back to various times such as 1600 1000 500 etc to understand homosexuality through time and how different era's coped with it.. I would also like to head back far enough to the point in time where the air was more purer and creatures were a lot bigger in themselves...
Ok, after clamping down on my brain that insists on asking how accessible is it (that is could I hit a Panic Button on some chrono-manipulator on my wrist if I got in trouble or would I have to be careful to hide it and need to get back to it to escape hostile forces or even just a plague), would language be a problem, could I take anyone else (my mischievous side might have too much fun with that, and then there's getting people out of trouble, and I'm intensely curious what Lovecraft would think of how his horror tales has been made CUTE), are there ethics (perhaps even some kind of enforcement agency or dire consequences as in Back to the Future) or does it work like in Bill & Ted (have fun!)?

If I was trapped in linear time then I think I'd be more interested in the future than the past. Of course that not only has all the dangers of visiting the past but also in encountering world devastated by doomsday devices (like extreme radiation from a nuclear war, a terrifying bio-weapon that infects anyone who appears instantly, or fast enough anyway, or horrid nanotech that took people apart that got out of a weapons R&D lab and killed most to everyone and would quickly kill a time traveler that appeared as well, etc).

What I'd really love to do is be able to travel SIDEWAYS in time. For a very brief example of what I mean:

In addition to seeing how things worked out differently I'd also be curious to meet myself from different timelines. I think in a great many I'd handle a meeting with myself from an alternate universe pretty well, and would love to do so in this universe as well. I think if I landed in a universe where the Nazis got the atomic bomb first (and they could've if things worked differently) then the character of everyone could be radically different (or the 60s & 80s could've still happened causing everyone to lighten up) and maybe meeting a Nazi version of myself (assuming I even survived such a society) could be...interesting.

Of course that not only holds all the dangers of visiting the past AND future but holds other entirely possible if not likely dangers as well (even language could radically change, and perhaps America was settled by the Chinese first and are very totalitarian and xenophobic, for example, or astronomical events could've drastically altered Earth's climate that were quickly lethal even if you could get away in time, and quite possibly the planet itself isn't even there if it was destroyed by say a black hole). And it's conceivable that some worlds have strict laws about illegal immigrants from other universes with the means to detect (and perhaps even instantly imprison or destroy) anyone who stumbled into their particular universe.
I'd go back and kill John Connor.
[Image: 20c62a6f57503c8c9ad8f289b603d0d4fd37b8e2_hq.gif]
I'd love to see the future, however bleak it might be. It'll be fascinating to see if it matches to my personal predictions.

Another time id want to visit would be America in the 20s when everything was luxury.

I'd also like to see Ming dynasty China. And if it existed, Troy Smile When gods walked with men. And sometimes raped them.
i'd go back to feudal Japan and get me a katana:biggrin:
then i'd find out once and for all who build the pyramids & how
than i would travel to every time period in the last 200 years and collect every rare and unique firearm possible:biggrin:
I would just want to go hundreds, perhaps a thousand of years back to live in a simpler time Smile
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.
I don't know if I would go to a time, where i wasn't around or never had family and friends around. But if i had a time machine i would go to all the times i screwed up or hurt someone.

Oh, so many eras.....where to begin....

People are always telling me I should have lived out my adult years in the 60's, so I would time travel to the beginning of the 1960s and bask in hippy bliss :biggrin:

I would also have loved to visit ancient Greece and hobnob with the likes of Euripides and Homer.

Ancient Egypt would be another visit on my list, preferably with me learning at the feet of a priest of Thoth.

Honestly though, I would LOVE to live in a simpler, slow-paced time period as well, where people appreciated life for what it was instead of constantly being on the go, worrying and worrying, stressing and stressing and all the minor pressures and percolations of modern society.

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