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Illegal Alien Voter Fraud in Florida
Plenty of news sites are reporting on this and I had to love the irony here:

Quote:But after months of searching, only one alien falsely claiming to be a U.S. citizen has been caught, charged and convicted in Florida. It turns out he is a Canadian, a man who registered and voted in at least two presidential elections while masquerading as a citizen so he could also buy and “bear arms,” that other right cherished by many Americans.

Quote:Stefan Kamph, a commentator for New Times Broward-Palm Beach, finds the irony delicious.

“Instead of seeing him as a criminal, the [Republican Party] should move to have Sever pardoned and hold him up on a pedestal,” he wrote. “After all, he abandoned the universal health care and tasty maple syrup of the Commie-nadian provinces to move to Florida, buy guns, and participate in the glory of our God-given democracy.”

“Unless,” Mr. Kamph added, “he voted for Obama. Then boot his ass back over the border.”

No one, save Mr. Sever, knows how he voted. But he did admit as part of the facts agreed in his guilty plea that he voted in presidential elections in both 2004 and 2008. He had registered to vote with “no party affiliation,” according to court documents.

When first tracked down and interviewed by Department of Homeland Security investigators last spring, Mr. Sever admitted to lying about being a U.S. citizen both to vote and – four times – to buy firearms and obtain a “concealed carry” permit which allows him to carry a hidden weapon.

Last week, “Sever admitted that he was born in Austria, is a naturalized citizen of Canada, and has never been a U.S. citizen,” according to court documents. Whether his plea included a bargain for sentencing is unknown. His lawyer, Daniel Ecarius, a public defender provided by the state, declined comment.

Falsely claiming to be a U.S. citizen carries a five-year maximum sentence on the firearm infractions and a one-year sentence on the voting felonies.


What can I say, I'm a sucker for irony.
Make that 11 cases of voter fraud since 2000. War with Canada 2013!!!

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