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In The City of Ghost (VOL.1)
So this is a script for a graphic novel, that's been rolling around in my head for a while now so i decided to type it out last night. It most likely won't amount to much, it's still in the very early stages of development. I've only type out this first draft, 3 Character Bio. The script as no gay characters or themes so it's really up to you guys if you want to read it or not.

In The City of Ghost (V0l.1)


A brown for door sedan drives down the frozen of the streets of Chicago. The sedan stops behind a group of police cruisers, the drive side door opens an a man steps out. He looks tired and drawn out, he takes the butt of a cigarette out of his mouth an flicks it into a snow bank. The man walks up to the barrier of the police tape, there’s a uniformed cop is standing on the other side of the tape.

Jesus Christ…Jonas is that you man.
You like shit man

Jonas Abraham
Yeah thanks Colin nice to see you to.

Jonas pulls up the police tape an begins ducking under. Officer Colin quickly steps in front of Jonas, lightly shoving Jonas backwards. Jonas steps back with an annoyed look on his face.

Officer Colin (snraky)
Police business Jonas, an if I remember right
You gave up your badge…so fuck off

Jonas cranes is neck over officer Colin shoulder.

Jonas (shouting)
Officer Dickhole! here won’t let me by!

Police Captain (shouting)
Let him in Colin!

Officers Colin pulls up the police tape an steps aside. While walking away Jonas flips officer Colin the bird.

Jonas walks up to the captain, he extends his hand for a shake. Not braking his stride the Captain tosses Jonas an ID badge.
The Captain and Jonas walk into an ally off the main street, a sharp frigid wind blew in to the ally causing the light snow on the ground to drift and swirl. The men tuck there heads into their shoulders, walking by uniformed offices they came to a heavy set man laying face down in the frozen street.
A crime scene photographer was snapping pictures of the man lying in the street, The Captain shot the photographer a sharp look, an he faded into the background.
Jonas and The Captain stood over the body of the heavy set man as the snow blew up around and swirled around them. It became very clear to Jonas why his ex-captain called him in on the case.
The Captain put on a medical mask and a pair of latex gloves, than handed a mask and a pair of gloves to Jonas. Looking down at the body The Captain let out a load sigh.
The Captain
“Seen anything familiar Jonas”

Jonas crouched down to get a better look at the victims body. The victim had two closely grouped gun shot wounds in the back near the hart, an one more gun shot wound in the back of the head at the base of the skull. A small puddle of blood pooled in the snow around the victims head.
Jonas stood back up an had a few seconds of silent thought

Jonas Abraham
It’s Kasper

The Captain

Jonas Abraham
You get anything

The Captain
Nah nothing
There is some parcel foot prints
Over by the wall but that’s it
The Captain (CONT‘D)
We figure that Kasper was pressed up against
our victim entered the ally from the west end walked
right pass Kasper. He shot are victim twice in the back,
he fell. The kill shot to the head came at much closer distance

The captain walked around the body an stood where he thinks Kasper stood, made a finger gun out of his hand a pointed it down at the body.

The Captain
No one seen or heard a thing.

Jonas Abraham
Do we know who this guy is.

The Captain
(says Russian name) we ran his name an got a
laundry list of bad deeds, nothing to spectacularly.
some mostly assaults an weapons charges, it seems
are big guy here was a low level heavy for the Russian mob.
The Captain pauses
I don’t know why Kasper would even bother with a thug like this.

Jonas Abraham
Because someone wanted him dead Karl
an pay for good money to make it happen.

Jonas turned around an started walked away from the crime scene.

Captain Karl
Hey Jonas do you want me to send you
the ballistics report.

Jonas Abraham
Don’t bother Captain, I know what it says.

Captain Karl
Oh an Jonas one more thing
Get some sleep cause you look like shit.

Visibly flustered Jonas quickly walked back towards his car, passing Officer Colin one the way and ripping right through the police tape. Colin wanted to say something saw the look on Jonas’s face an wisely decided not to.
Jonas got into his car slamming the car door behind him, Jonas sat his car for a moment gripping the steering wheel tightly. He forcible sifted the car into reverse an drove away from the crime scene.

Jonas drove back to his office space in downtown Chicago, Jonas’s office space isn’t much look at but it’s bought an paid for an that’s what matters. He parks in his parking space on the side of the building. Entering is office Jonas throws his keys of his desk, an slumped on the couch in the back room of his office. Joan’s stared dead ahead at the wall across form him, the wall was filled newspaper clippings, pictures other evidence pertaining to the Kasper case. There where also two white boards with all kinds of info written on them, the floor was covered in boxes filled with Kasper case files. Jonas eyes grew heavy an he started to nod off.
Jonas was startled awake but someone loudly entering is office.

Abraham! Abraham! Hey! Abraham!
Where you at man.!

Jonas came stumbling of the back room.

I got your pictures for ya man.

Juan pulled out to stacks of photos warped in elastic bands an tossed them at Jonas.
Jonas walks over to his desk pulls a roll of bills out of the top drawer of his desk an tosses it at Juan.

Ain’t you going to check them out
Some of them are kind of hot
I mean I got right in there man up close an personal.
They was in the back seat of the car getting all nasty
An they didn’t even notice my ass.
Juan….shut up
I got two more jobs for you if you want them.

Of course I want them
Ya know Abraham if you keep giving me
All this work man I want my name on the window.

Jonas shows Juan to the door.

I’m serious about my name on the window man.

Bye Juan

Jonas head back to the couch in the back of his office in a attempt to get some much needed rest.

INT. Legal Library Late Afternoon

Rita Rightmyer sits at lager table surrounded by many, many books an feverishly typing away at her laptop. She stopped typing for a second to adjust her glasses an to look down at her books than continues to feverishly type.
A moment later Rita hits the print button, stretched an cracked her fingers stood up. Rita gathered her papers, organized them into different file folders. She took out red an green coloured stamps and stamped two folders green an one of the folders red. Rita put the folders into her bag an began heading out, Rita gave a goodbye wave to a lady behind the desk an walked out of the library.
Seconds she’s outside Rita’s phone begins to ring, she pulls the out of her bag an looks at to see the caller I’D, its her boss.

Yes Judge Purcell there ready
I’m heading back to the office now
Yes everything should wrap up nicely

At that moment two cars came screaming around the corner, the trail car smashed in the back bumper of the lead car, causing it to fish tail an roll.
The violent of noise of the crash startled Rita an she dropped her phone. She scrambled for her phone on her hands and knees, picking the phone up an putting to her ear.

Rita Cont`d
A car accident…A really bad car accident!

Two men got out of the back of the trail car carrying Kalashnikov’s. The men ran around to front end of the car the laying on it side, they opened fire spraying bullets through the windows an roof of the car.

Rita let a small screech an scurried behind some metal mail bins. Crouched behind the mail bins Rita covered the left ear with her hand an tightly griped her phone with her right. All around Rita women screamed and bodies scatter every in every direction trying to away from the shooting.

They’re shooting!..They’re Shooting!…They’re Shooting!
They’re shooting at the other car!
Yeah I’m fine! I’m not hurt!

The shooting stopped, Rita peaked out from behind the mail bins. She saw the two men dressed in black pants large light brown coats and ski masks running back to their vehicle. The car pulled a u-turn an sped away

Breathing heavy Rita stood up, she stared blankly at rolled over car the still hot engine causing steam to billow from under the bent hood. Rita looked to the sky, the sound of emergencies vehicle sirens hit the air.

VOL.1 End.

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