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In need of clarification please
Okay so... I was born and raised Catholic, homosexuality is forbidden in this religion(I'm now Agnostic). When I was a boy, my first dosage of curiosity was with another boy who lived right next to me, there was also a girl who lived on the other side of my house. I never did anything with the girl. Anyways me and this boy would play "doctor" every now and then. The parents eventually found out and separated us. We never made contact again after that. 2 moves later into the year 2000, when I was 11 or so, I went out with some girls in the neighborhood. These relationships never lasted longer than a couple of weeks. Into my High School years I never went out with anybody. I was always so shy when it came to talking to women. Most of my friends were men. I was close to one of them, felt really close to him, always hung out with him at lunch, I didn't know what that feeling was. After my HS years, I went out with another girl again. She kissed me once. I don't think I felt anything when she did. I didn't feel like kissing her more. I thought she was going to be my first... but no. We broke up. I got sick of being a virgin and decided to look on the internet for someone who could "break me in". I just wanted to lose it! I was open minded and oddly enough, not shy taking my clothes off for this man I didn't know, he wasn't bad looking either. So I hopped into his bed and let him work me. I didn't get an erection while he did me, but I did like it when he was inside of me, I really did. After an "embarrassing" experience later in the relationship, I decided to move onto someone else. My next BF, I only came once while he f'ed me, and that was mostly from me stroking myself. We had sex about 9-12 times. He even told me that maybe I wasn't gay because I wasn't getting hard. That sparked a massive questioning into my head. And now I can't get that statement out of my head, It's driving me crazy! Am I gay or not? I see some girls and think they're cute. But I don't know if I would feck them. Can someone please help me?
Hi & Welcome to GS.

Anonymous Wrote:He even told me that maybe I wasn't gay because I wasn't getting hard.

Not getting hard while he f*cked you or ever while you were with him. If it's the former then a lot of guys don't, if it's the latter were you anxious at all? Anxiety is a very major reason for loss of erection.

You've said that you find some girls cute, to be honest, that doesn't sound straight to me. The real question is how to you feel about guys? What do they do for you? Not just in bed. If you see a muscular guy on the street going shirtless in warm weather how does that make you feel. If you get talking to a cute guy with a sweet smile, are there butterflies in your stomach, are you trying to work out if he is gay, are you wondering if you and him just might become an item?

Hope this helps.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
I can get hard sometimes, while he's not f'ing me. He's me ex, I also for got to mention that. Anxiety aha! I think that may have been a factor. I'm thinking that my previous "encounters" were just by means of scoping out my lost orientation/to feel more comfortable after being brainwashed to think homosexuality was wrong, I can't really say I was attracted to them. I'm with this guy right now and he makes me feel horny Wink, he's beautiful in so many ways. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it Fred Smile
Glad to be of help.

Anonymous Wrote:I'm with this guy right now and he makes me feel horny Wink, he's beautiful in so many ways.

Sounds pretty gay to me.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Going limp while being f*cked is not so uncommon, you see it happen in porn too... And I guess the guys who go limp haven't been devouring Viagra... otherwise they sometimes use cockrings too to keep it up. I think this comes from the fact that the anus is a different erogenous zone and you can feel all sorts of different things by being f*cked rather than doing the actual masturbating or f*cking. It could be that having a massive 'object' inside you lowers the blood circulation at times and therefore makes you lose your erection. But I am not sure of this scientific fact. Just something I've observed. You can also see guys who've lost the erection but who still come from being penetrated.

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