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In the dog house
I can't figure out if I'm in the wrong today :confused: -

I went to the pub last night for a couple drinks with mates, had a pretty bad case of the flu which my hubby had been kindly sympathising with; he said he might not come visit for fear of getting it... He rang me at about 10 30 to have our nightly chat before bed, and when I told him I'd gone for beers he sorta went quiet and hung up >.>

I later got a text saying "obviously your priority isn't getting better for our night together, it's being out drinking with your mates. thanks a lot and goodnight."


This seems like the most innocent idea to get me out of the house has gone into crazy territory. I know it's cause he cares and wants to see me, but I really felt like a jerk just for letting off some steam. Do I deserve stay in the kennel a bit longer? -_-
I don't know whether being in the doghouse is to anyone's advantage. While you're not talking he's going to be filling in the gaps with whatever is going through his head.

Best wishes to you both.
it all come's down to your boyfriend thinking you chose your friend's over him. make him feel extra special and loved and then he will let go some and encourage you to go out with your friend's and have a good time. and no you're not wrong for wanting to get out...sometime's you just need to make your partner feel at ease.
and try not to drink too much

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