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Inspirational Guide . . .
[SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]Good Morning everyone!

How are you all? I hope you are all fine and dandy! Myself, I am finer than frogs hair . . . Just one thing is bothering me, my lack of inspiration for my photography, has disappeared and I cannot seem to find it anywhere Sad

Working the job I do, different hours every day, and mind numbingly boring job it is plus cold, I think has made my creativity go ca-put.

I used to have a sheet of paper, but I lost it when I moved, I am wondering if any of you know what i mean by a 'project sheet' basically I found it online (and now cannot find it again), it had three sections.

Time of day/light lens subject

Basically, you pick one item from each of the sections, and then use that as your daily/weekly project, I found this helped a lot, but due to not remembering exactly what was on these columns, I am struggling with my photography. I am bored of the places I have been since moving to Chippenham a year ago, and due to not knowing the area too well (and price of petrol to run an automatic car) I haven't been too far a field, so with my inspiration deserting me, I really need that project sheet or similar to help me get back into it. Especially, as I want to make the most of my days off from work I possibly can to accomplish my dreams and ambitions in life, as life is too short to sit back and keep watching it go past me.

If anyone has an idea of what I am going about, I'd be very grateful if you could point me in the direction of the project sheet, or if anyone has any ideas of what I can do to try to find my inspiration again, I'd appreciate it very much.

Thank you.

Love, Peace, Health and Happiness....AS Always,


P.s. Also struggling to find a decent and catchy name for my photography website/profile.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Do you have a push bike?

I have taken to riding around town so I can go off road and you can find some real jewels off road.

I tried googling to see if I could get a hit on what I thought you might be looking for in regards to the project sheet, but couldn't help sorry Sad

What sort of photos? that would help people with ideas for a name
[SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]I don't have my own push bike, but I expect my step Mum will let me borrow hers again.

I think I've decided on a name for it now. $ Photography
(Dollar Photography).

Just been playing around with a watermark in corel paint shop pro. Looks alright, expect despite deleting the background around the text, when I add to a photo as a watermark, I always get a background around the text, and changing opacinity only lightens or darkens the whole watermark image, when I just want the box around my watermark to go and my text to be there, argh. I really should be getting ready for work though! lol[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Have you tried 'GIMP'?

It is the GNU alternative (generally referred to as Linux Alternative as well) Photoshop alternative. It is free and you can use it in Windows
Inspiration comes in many forms... it really depends on what you're good at. I'm pretty good with Marcos and landscapes, but I probably do best in portraits that bring out emotion. Maybe instead of holding yourself down to a guideline, which usually is someone else's perspective imposed on you, you should think of striking out and developing yourself in the different arenas of photography...\

Who knows, maybe you're good in light painting!

have you been stealing my concerns? that was kinda scary...

I know exactly where you're coming from, after graduating from a photography degree I found I was completely dry when it came to ideas. The only thing that can really push you is other people. You need someone else (ideally semi-professional or skilled) who can inspire you and reenforce the stronger aspects of your work.

Also, I'd have a look at conceptual projects rather than technical ones. Try and makes a narrative series of images that tells a story/ Start a collaboration with someone to explore a personal issue (disability/sexuality)

all these things should help you see another side to your work. It's often the pictures I'm just 'okay' with that people like the most.

I got a job with a wedding photographer lately to teach me more portraiture skills, it might be worth looking at any local professionals to see if they need apprentices or help.

best of luck!
Just a quick reply. I will response to everyone because I really appreciate you all replying to my thread.

Sil, I wrote to about 20 photographers in the surround area, and asked for any unpaid experience/helping hand, and NOT ONE got back to me Sad
The only thing I could suggest is maybe joining a graphics/photography forum. I'm sure they'll have weekly contests with a theme. That may motivate you enough to try and get a good picture to win said competion.

I also suggest you download gimp or photoshop for any photo editing you want to do.

we could always give you asignments I guess ;3 but I'm not sure if that would be great....

Have you got a Deviant account? perhaps upload your photo's on there, take requests for people use your photo's as stocks in their own artwork. It would be a good work for people to see your work as obviously the artists will give your recognition for any of your photo stock's they use.

Do you enjoy poetry? perhaps you could write a poem and then try and take a good photo to go with it.

and the last thing I can think of is; take your camera everywhere you go! photo oportunites are everywhere! just take photo's of everything.
sorry for double post. But I recall you said you played football again?

perhaps if you could take some photo's of the game whilst your on the bench, that is if your on the bench at any given time.
Escaping from routine usually stimulates my mind and gets the creative juices flowing. I like to get out of the city and go hill walking in my spare time (weather permitting) and I usually bring my camera with me too. Sometimes I'll sit on the side of a hill and just write down my thoughts whilst admiring the scenery.

Music inspires me too; I can get lost in my own head sometimes :biggrin:

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