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Hello everyone, I'm new to the whole forum scene, Well everything really as I only just came out to my closest friends a few months back and thought it would be a good idea to start to get to know people alike and make new friends. I'm an easy going/quiet 24 year old guy that enjoys his console games and other activities. Hope to get to know a few of you better.

Hi John welcome. Confusedmile:
Hey John Xyxwave
"People of all sexes have the right to explore femininity, masculinity, and the infinite variations between, without criticism or ridicule."
— Leslie Feinberg
Welcome to the gs family John. read the posts both current and past to get to know us, post often as that's how we get to know you, James
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Welcome John! Wavey
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart
Hello JohnWelcome
Welcome! Wavey
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
Hello and welcome to the forum mate, hope you'll enjoy it Smile
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.
Welcome to GS, John. I hope you enjoy it here. And post lots. Oh, and feel free to PM anyone. Smile
Hello John, Welcome to the forum

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