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Is have children necessary for a long-term relationship?
Hi All,

Do you think it is necessary to have children in order to have a long-term relationship with your partner?

Some people have have expressed opinions that children will be like the bonding factor that will help to increase the long-term relationship of the couple.

Is it still possible to have a long-term relationship with your partner if you choose not to have children?

Thank you.
I don't think it is necessary. However the opposite of your question is very true, a long term relationship in my opinion is necessary to have children. On other words ones should be ready to settle down with their partner before they have kids.

I don't think I would rely on having kids as a bonding factor in a relationship. If there are problems in the relationship having kids would bring it to the surface quicker. Usually there's a bit more stress, financial hurdles that come from having kids.
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I have been with my husband for 34 years - no children or desire to have any.

Even if I was straight - no way would I bring a child into this mess of a world we are in. If someone told me we needed a child to stay together I would show them where the door was.
Having children to cement a relationship is NOT a good idea.

If the relationship is on shakey ground, adding the expense and stress of a child will only make things worse.

Couples should have children because they want to add to their stable family, not to repair existing damage, or try to prevent future damage.
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Sure. Many people don't really want children or don't have a desire to have children.
Not everyone is cut out to be a parent. You should only have kids if you truly want them and are ready and willing to love them and provide for them for at least 18 years. If the relationship is on the brink of breakup, having children won't help it survive, it will only add additional problems. I would never have kids, not parental material whatsoever.
Thank you for your replies Tjemka88, seeking, CellarDweller, eastofeden, and InbetweenDreams

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