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Is he into or just friendly.
It's hard for me to know weather a guy likes me or being friendly. Went out with this guy, I was rubbing my arms because I was cold and he touched my arm and said yeah you are bit cold. And he touched me 2 more times once because I almost trip (not really trip Wink) and again because I can't remeber why lol

I think he wanted to kiss me not sure about that tho. We text every day 1st guy that sends guys (love gifs). There are times where we don't talk because he naps a lot and he's at work. And vice versa.

So yeah idk much, I'm suppose to see him tomorrow I will keep y'all posted.
He might. Only way to find out is ask him or see what he does. That being said, physical contact can be a bit powerful and when we really like someone very easy to get foggy goggles. That being said, he could very well like you and just be a bit shy like yourself. So see where things go.
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I'da just asked him whatever was on my mind at that time, which would've been "Why did you just touch me?"

But you're the "shy one" and I'm pretty outgoing, to a fault:
So to you, it may be "more than it is" because you never probed for the actual answer and so are ambivalent.

I think direct approach methods work the best for finding answers
I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

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Show him your wiener.
probably he is just friendly .. never conclude right away what you only try to assume, you might fall into something worse .. just some friendly advice from someone like me .. lol X)~~~
Touch him back, pretty much to the same level that he touched you, but just a little bit more. See if he touches you back just a little bit more. Then reciprocate. No words are needed.
Son he kissed that a good sign?
shykid25 Wrote:Son he kissed that a good sign?

Obviously bitch Rofl

In all that you do, just be careful, but otherwise if he's equally into to you to kiss you, then go ahead and do what ya gotta


Just keep things clear and upfront
I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

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