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Is it abnormal to dislike sports?
(08-23-2021, 01:57 PM)artyboy Wrote: I hate sport, I find it one of the most boring things ever. Not saying I don't get the rules of the game. Seeing a ball being kicked or pushed a field or someone hitting a ball with a stick as far as they can, is less interesting as watching paint dry. I also don't get all the shouting and jumping about fans do.

Well I'm interested in target shooting but still I wouldn't go out of my way to watch other people do it. I guess I don't mind doing some sport just don't get watching it.

Tennis and golf are the most boring of them all. Tennis is about hitting a ball back and fourth and golf is hitting a ball as far as you can. Is that it?

Either watch a film or write a short story lol!
Target shooting? Can you guys even have guns there? Or is it like that lame af "clay bird" shooting with a slingshot or whatever, and not empty domestics with an AK47 like a REAL MAN. 

Fun game: Have a shooting competition with tha bois, and you have to chug your beer before you can use it as a target, and you can only shoot it once. Once it's hit, BOOM, chug another. If theres one think I have learned in life, it's that alcohol and guns go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or racing and alcohol. Or alcohol and...uhm.....sand.
I don’t like Team-sports either, but I played soccer with the other kids growing up and later volleyball in a gay team after coming out. By now I only work out, weights, cardio and yoga and watch televised sports once in a blue moon. (Occasionally I catch a glimpse of the Olympics because my husband likes to watch (I LOATHE NBC reporting) or part of the Super Bowl) I haven’t been to a sports arena in over 10 years (and then it was only to entertain my dad who was visiting)

But I remember keeping up with Bundesliga soccer (without actually watching it, ahem) while still living in Germany, because my colleagues would talk about it and my dad & brother were big fans. So I could join conversations

Being gay is not for Sissies.
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