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Is it possible?
Hello, is it possible to make someone faint from pleasure? Its my fetish. Leave no place to escape and keep playing them till they .. done over and over. I never heard this with someone else so maybe it can be a little bit weird. And does this makes a health problem on my partner?
If you keep this up I'm going to pass out. Yllove
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Yes, it is possible but repeated orgasms are not the way to do it, especially if it's a man you want to faint. First, for most men, it takes either a lot of training or, a TENS unit or similar device to get us to orgasm with out ejaculating. Second, when we ejaculate, we have to have a recovery time before we can orgasm again.

The way to do it is by orgasm denial for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the man. And even this requires either privacy, or an utter disregard for public modesty. You would get him aroused and nearly to the point of orgasm, then stop it, and he is not allowed to finish. As soon as he is flaccid (soft) you would need to get him almost to the point of orgasm again and, keep doing that for 24 to 48 hours. When you do finally bring him to orgasm, it is generally so intense that he faints.

It can, with some men cause a mild case of blue balls or, lover's balls and, it very definitely causes the one being denied a great deal of sexual frustration but, if you both agree to do it, the results are well worth it. Make sure he does actually get completely soft in between each arousal, prolonged erections can cause serious medical issues that would need to be taken care of by a doctor and, can lead to permanent damage. If at any point he is not entirely soft within two hours, end the denial and let him have his orgasm. Four hours is the point that an erection can begin to cause damage, so two hours is still well within the margins of safety but, that's all you want to push if you are doing this for pleasure.
Oh My God! That is an intense read my brother!Saeek2
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart
True, but the question was asked and, ejaculation control and orgasm denial, one of which giving another that much pleasure would have to involve, when we are discussing men only, is not something a lot of people outside the kink communities commonly engage in. It is something that can be very pleasurable for both partners, but such things also carry inherent risks.

I intentionally did not describe the TENS method as that carried far to great a risk to be attempted without proper knowledge and training. Playing with a TENS unit or similar device falls under what is known as edgeplay or RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink), a realm of play that presents a significant risk for injury or even death.

Orgasm denial does not fall under that category and carries only a small risk that is easily avoided by simply watching the clock and, being aware of the minimal risk involved and, how to prevent it from happening. It's the safest way to satisfy a fainting fetish Smile

And most of you know by now, that any fetish is okay in my book, even if it seems a bit unusual, there is probably a way to satisfy the fetish and, if you are careful and aware of any risk involved, satisfying fetishes is very rewarding Smile
Okay. What if i try to make him done one time, but powerfull?
The question was actually: "Is it possible to make someone faint from sexual stimulation to orgasm (pleasure)?" Some of the answers don't address that. They talk about tantric sex, or how to make orgasm be stronger and longer lasting., not about making someone lose consciousness (quite a different thing).

I guess it may be possible in some cases, maybe in people who have a bit of a condition... To experience an ejaculation, the heart must be pumping at a certain rate. This is something that has been established. Under that rate, you may experience close to orgasm feelings but nothing will come from that and ejaculation won't happen. To make someone faint from orgasm would mean driving them beyond a point that the brain can control, or that the heart can control.

Some people, to heighten the sensation of orgasm deprive themselves of oxygen / air (not really a good idea, as many accidents happen trying to do this).

It is known that the brain will emit reward substances after orgasm which can lull the body quite drastically (the reason why many men fall asleep after ejaculation / orgasm), so for someone to faint would mean that their brains are emitting a lof of that substance, to the point of shutting the brain and body down.

I think this is probably quite a rare occurrence and I think it might also be a little worrying if it happened.

Of course I understand this is a fantasy, but anyone who actually did faint from orgasm might need to be medically checked, as it might indicate heart failure, or oxygenation failure, or some other kind of failure. If the person did not wake up and show signs of life very soon after such an orgasm it would be a good idea to call 999 (or 911, or whatever your emergency number is).
Rumble, what technique are you thinking of using to achieve this?
Incidentally, Rumble, I'm sure your partner would be very happy to have a powerful orgasm with your stimulation.... Confusedmile: He doesn't have to faint to experience great pleasure, I assure you. Just expect him to be tired enough to sleep after that and not to be able to return the favour until he's awake and able again.
Good god!!! I have to stop reading these posts at work!! LoL!!!

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