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Is it possible?
Yeah, Archy....No one understands the tent in your pants!!!! :biggrin:
Yeah it is a bit hard to explain it to all the straights! Smile
I was thinking about playing with he's sensitive parts until he reaches pleasure... loudly. And i want to say; i have no intention of hurting him. I don't really like someone to feel the pain. It's actually a GREAT turn off for me, and if i see someone in pain, i want to help them.
Yeah I think what you are looking for is an extreme edging session with your partner. Bringing him just to the point of climax then stopping, letting him rest then starting all over again. Never done it myself but it sounds AWESOME! :biggrin:
It is amazing, cub, and not in the realm of edgeplay - which is dangerous, even life threatening in some cases. That's amazing too, but that takes a lot more training and know how to do safely.

Edgeplay (RACK) includes things like:
Wax play - as in melted wax.
Breath play - as in the top has control of the bottom's ability to breathe.
Blood play - we all know the risks there and, you had better know what you are doing if you are going to make someone else bleed for pleasure.
Fire play - they taught you not to play with fire for a few good reasons.
Electrical stimulation play - you had better have the right equipment, know your partner's health and know how to use the equipment safely, or you might give them a nasty burn, cause nerve damage, or even cause a heart attack.
Any other sexual play that caries an unavoidable, significant risk for injury, illness or, death or one or both partners involved.

All of which, I highly recommend leaving to the masters of that domain, unless of course you are seeking training from such a master. Even then it cannot be take lightly in the least and, most of it requires YEARS before you would be ready to trust yourself on the giving end of it, unsupervised.

NEVER engage in ANY sexual activity or play without the full, knowledgeable, willing, freely given consent of your partner.
no no you get me wrong. i don't want to electrocute, or drown anybody. i just want pleasure, not pain.
Blue, why is it called RACK?

I've seen edgeplay that had nothing to do with any of those activities, just a guy that was stroked and coaxed to the edge several times, giving him, finally a splendid and worthwhile orgasm.
Blue, our friend here is only 16 so go with it, he's probably just talking about heavy petting.
RACK, if you read my earlier post, is Risk Aware Consensual Kink in other words if you do it, you do so willingly and fully aware of any risk involved, and it is, for obvious reasons, considered kink.

and bringing a person tot the edge of orgasm, then not giving it to them, is not edgeplay, that fall in the realm of orgasm denial, which results in an out of this world orgasm, but does not walk the edge between pleasure and disaster. Other methods of giving someone enough pleasure to cause them to faint, do walk that edge and, I wanted to make it clear that I do not recommend anyone suddenly going out and trying that stuff without researching it and learning to do it as safely as possible.
Okay this was obviously a bad idea. Im sorry for asking and im not gonna try anything might be dangerous on anyone.

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