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Is the Tea Party losing its oomph?
South Carolina Tea Partiers don't much like Mitt Romney, the Massachusetts moderate, but they seem willing to vote for him

If 300-plus black political activists held a convention in the Deep South, and the invited speakers were black, it would inevitably, and correctly, be referred to as a black political event. So I'm going to call the Tea Party convention I just covered in Myrtle Beach, S.C., what it was: a white political event.

The attendees were friendly, polite and deeply committed to the cause of imposing a no-compromise conservative agenda on the U.S. government and the Republican party in particular. But, in a state that's 30 per cent black, there wasn't a single black face at the event. Or any young faces that I could see.

The rest...


Personally I prefer it when all the crazy extremist right-wingers stick together in a visible group... easier for everybody to see how nuts they really are.
I think Herman Cain was a Tea Party member . . .

Speaking of which, Colbert is holding a rally in South Carolina with Herman Cain.
The Teabaggers hate Obama more than they like their own "principles". Besides...they are not nor have ever been a grassroots movement...they are the Koch Brothers' personal army and the last I heard one of the Koch boys donated a hell of a lot of money to a Super Pac who in turn used the money to help Romney. .
Inchante Wrote:I think Herman Cain was a Tea Party member . . .

Speaking of which, Colbert is holding a rally in South Carolina with Herman Cain.

Haha Colbert is the best... well he's up there with Jon away lol

[Image: Stephen-Colbert-Steaming-Flag-comedy-cen...50x487.jpg]
i think locals in town,even old friends and others HATE me because i didn't vote for Obama

two Americas

these people who like this man-as if there was never a politician or person anywhere in history who promised goodies and then screwed then and they say we have to vote for him to get rights

i feel rights and laws are ignored when it comes to our rights

try walking in my shoes

in last 3 years Ive grown even more disillusioned with democrats -but they are on cloud 9

its all smoke and mirrors and lies
we are talking about people like Obaama, Santorum, Gingrich, Romney that are 22 tax brackets away for us. So much so they dont even pay taxes.

Know which side has the more better butter, i say its Obama.
I dont vote as a general rule for any member of our parliment because they all preach broken lies to get in.. In my city where i work there is the green party and they are a bloody nightmare taxes up 30MPH zones going 20 MPH producing more emissions. To drive into the city and pay for parking has increased from £8 a day to £12 soon and on top of that if your a tradaer its going up by 150 odd% in price.... In my district where i live the local goverment are a different band all together but match that of general goverment by being the same chocolate... Just in different wrappers

Until there is someone who can proove they can practice what they breach

preach or breach?

in uk do gays hate each other over politics like in USA?

are there gays in all parties? in usa it seems most trust the democrats and are as close as their own asshole
I'm hoping the rest of us extreme moderates will one day, maybe, rally and maybe riot and maybe do a lot of kind of sort of half way things....

I view the Teabag movement as being right wing extremists. No to worth the powder and lead.....

Yes they are losing steam. Like it or not people are waking up to the fact that not just one administration put us where we are and not just one will take us out.

In a away I think extremist moderates are coming to the front - slightly, moderately.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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