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Is this REALLY a place to find FRIENDS
I've been looking for some time for a gay site where I can look for friends, not one where everyone is obsessed with sex. Is this the one?

I was born and bred in London but have lived outside for more time than I have lived in the UK. I came from a fairly large family of eight but I'm the only one left now.

It's made more difficult because of my age; 76. Yes, seventy six. Apart from a few close friends, no one knows my real age simply because I look considerably younger than I am. I don't say that but my friends do. I don't behave like a 76 year old. I'm physically active and even some of my younger (straight) friends sometimes have difficulty keeping up with me. My small circle of friends comprises both men and women all of whom are always much younger than I simply because I have absolutely nothing in common with people of my own age.

I live in Spain but am seriously thinking of relocating back to London and am presently looking for a flat in the Highbury and Islington area. I do make periodic visits to London and it would be nice to make new friends, male or female, gay or straight as long as you accept me as I am, who share similar interests. For those see my profile. I would like to make friends that I can see in person but don't discount pen friends but be warned, I do tend to write rather long e-mails!
Well, you've came to the right place! This site is not ahook up site,hahaha. You will find alot of people here who are in the same situation as you are, so don't worry about age. Nice to meet you buddy, and I hope you'll enjoy your time at GaySpeak. Feel free to ask any questions (though, I may not have the ability to answer them considering I joined a week ago) I
Thanks for your encouragement Stranger 221. This is such a different place to Gaydar!
Oh boy, you went on gaydar? You poor soul , glad you found us. We're pretty friendly here, and even though, sometimes we can get a little obsessed with sex( I'm sure you've been 17 before) , we're pretty relaxed here. So, no worries! Cheers!
We are all friendly here. This a fun and safe site to.
happy friendship building ;-)
And welcome.
Hi Londoner! And welcome to GS.

Oh, long emails? Somebody else is able to write them these days? Wink But beware, there is a limit of 5000 characters for one private message :eek: LOL

Spain and Britain... hm, so different weather and landscape (and temperament I guess). How long did it take you to get used to the difference? Smile
Welcome to GaySpeak!
Thanks Nick9. I'm pretty adaptable so it doesn't take me long to get used to differences. I'm thinking of relocating back to London for two basic reasons: the Wealth Tax that the Spanish Governmen has introduced, and also London, in my opinion, is the cultural capital of Europe so it fills a big gap in my life. My last visit to London a week ago I went to four theatres in ten days and would have included the Pompeii exhibition at the British Museum but the friend I was with was exhausted and we will leave it for my next trip in August.

By e-mails I do mean e-mails, not messages here.

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