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Is this legal?
I'm making a book about a little adopted boy with two dads. Today, I got a call from a publishing company that I have been with for over a year. I dropped my older book projects, due to time stress and made this one (a childrens' book). Anyway, I told the guy what it was about and he started talking about God and said that it was a Christian organisation. I had no idea. Then, he referred me to another company and said in this condescending tone "God bless" and hung up. Is this legal? I thought we could publish anything.
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do you have a contract
You offended his religious sensitivities by the sounds of it.

He probably thinks the book promotes homosexuality, which to most conservative Christians is a big no-no. Especially when it comes to children.
When it comes to a company that has 'Christian Values' or may be associated with 'THE Church', legally you will more than likely have no recourse because as we know, religion seems to be above the law.

I would be looking for a publisher that is a little more respectful and supportive of the issues you wish to include in your novels Wink
I've heard about publishing companies either rejecting or altering the work of those who work for them since..forever. So I guess it must be legal, or at least impossible to enforce any law against it. It's why many authors who want control over their own work go with self-publishing instead. For pros & cons on that, here's an atheist speaking on why she went the path of self-publishing:

Quote:2) You get to be in control. You control publicity. You control design. You get to write your product description. An editor won’t make you change that beautiful turn of phrase just because it’s not Chicago Manual of Style. You decide cover art (and this is NOT trivial: I’ve seen authors weep tears of blood and threaten to quit writing altogether because a boring or butt-ugly cover got forced on them.) If you are a giant control queen like me, this is a big freaking deal.

And you’re not at the mercy of the whims and weathers of your publisher. In conventional publishing, if your favorite editor who loves your work and totally gets your market suddenly gets fired, or moves on to greener pastures? If there’s a buyout or a change in ownership, and the new ant overlords hate your book and decide to bury it? If some dolt in the marketing department decides that your biting analysis of the history of religious apologetics can be sold to the burgeoning tween market if they just slap a vampire on the cover? If your editor goes mad and sets fire to their office because you accidentally re-wrote the Necronomicon and reading your book opened a portal in their brain to the demon underworld? (I hate it when that happens!) You’re pretty much hosed. Depending on your contract, there’s either little you can do, or nothing you can do. When you’re publishing yourself, you can publish your demonic ravings on your own timetable, and nobody can stop you. NOBODY! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! The world is DOOMED!
If you have a contract that says they will publish any book for you, then yes, it's illegal. Otherwise no, they can decide what to publish and not publish. Even if you have a contract for a set time period or, a set number of books, they do not have to publish everything you write.

Depending on the state, there may not even be sexuality discrimination laws in your state, and that would make it entirely legal to refuse any of your work based your sexuality. Yes even if there are race, religion and gender laws, that does not cover sexuality.
We did have a verbal contract, but other than that it's been about two years I've been with them, so I'm not sure about anything else. I found another company, though.
Gay is happiness
A verbal contract means jack these days.

Glad you found another publisher.
My opinion is that such a contract.... in YOUR case is nothing worth, if your contract partner don´t want to work with you. Maybe you can press him to work by a lawyer... but... will he be there when you need him ... by example : Advertising, lawyers, Your Rights? I think not ... he drops you like a hot potato....
Watch for a publishing company who really want your book... who stand by your side.
I think you and your book has every right to get a good place in a bookstore....

to insist on your rights is ok ... but in this case to win would be a loss
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If it isn't signed in writing, you have nothing as far as the court is concerned, it would be your word vs. theirs and, since they have more money, they get a better lawyer.

Find another publisher that isn't so homophobic.

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