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Issues when urinating
Hi Guys,

Do you guys experience this when urinating?

When I finish urinating, I will shake off the excess urine as much as I can before pulling back my briefs up.

But no matter how hard I shake off the excess urine, after I pull my briefs up, there is a significant amount of urine that will come out and make a damp spot on my briefs.

Sometime, the urine smell still lingers around my pants and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I try to spray a bit of cologne on my pants to make it less smelly. 

Is it common or am I still not shaking the excess urine off hard enough?

Have you guys experienced like this before?

PS: Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable with this topic.
This describes what you're experiencing and a few tips (at the bottom)...
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I think you may have a leaky O ring which can be quite common in men. If you're really concerned you should seek medical advice from a GP or doctor.
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Sounds like something to go and see a doctor about. And I really wouldn't advise to use cologne. Trying to mask an unpleasant smell with a perfume usually makes it so much worse.
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