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It's happening
Big Grin 
So I've been trying to find my first real relationship for a while now, I tried a ton of different apps but all were the same guys only wanting sex or in a relationship looking for a side piece. That's when I thought, you know what screw it, I decided to do what a large majority of the straight couples I know did to be together, start sleeping around (and they call gay people promiscuous Dodgy ) 

It took a lot of messaging back and forth from different guys and none of us were able to host for different reasons, then I remembered this one guy that gave me his number after a short conversation. He was single and could host so I freshened up and headed over. He's so cute and we have similar body types (somewhere between bear and otter) and we had sooo much fun that night, we had a lot of sex and talked a lot getting to know each other, he even made me dinner in between sex breaks. We were going off and on from around 6pm Sunday to 8am Monday.

We really clicked and he asked me out on a date afterwards, I ended up canceling a couple other hookups because we wanted to be together so bad. I  really found someone that wants to share life with me and I want to share mine with him. It all feels so surreal, like I dreamt the whole thing. 

I just wanted to share with you guys, this is one of those "there's still hope" post Smile I finally got my first real bf at 35 Big Grin
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@ceez I’m so pleased for you, that’s lovely news, especially at this time of year Smile Keep is updated, I wish you both all the best!
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Congratulations Ceez!

I am happy for you! - wishing you both the best!
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congrats to you, buddy!!! Smile
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Congratulations @ceez, I'm dead chuffed for you Smile. Love hearing things like this.
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Grats @ceez  Bighug Biggthumpup Biggthumpup
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Sounds like a Happy Holiday to me! Lovelove
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I'm really late to the party but super happy for you!
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Yes!!! This is the kind of things I like to hear in a Friday night.

Very happy for you @ceez
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