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It's me.
Hey everyone..

I am quite new to this forum..

Hope to have nice conversations here Confusedmile:

Are there guys in here who are into some kind of science?

Oh, it's you!
Also, Welcome to the forums. I'm not particularly into any kind of science although I like to dabble in it all. Anything which sounds interesting really.
Thank you! Confusedmile:

This forum seems to be very cool!
WELCOME TO GS!!! as far as science, it intrigues me, but i dont understand it one bit. unless its the science of wakeboarding i guessWink
Lol Confusedmile:

Thank you!

Wakeboarding!! Wow. Never ever tried that... maybe because I can't even swim Rolleyes should learn though.
Hi Anthony, welcome to the forum. I'm a biology / chemistry student wanting to go on and do a microbiology masters. How are you?
As I write this I am finishing an assignment off about forensic entomology. :p
Thanks mrk2010!

It's always good to know other guys involved in those things Smile
It might sound geeky or nerdy, but science is cool lol I hope you enjoy your time here. I'm sure there is a board where you can post about science and technology so maybe give that a look. :-)

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