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It's me.
Oh the points is that I can only find *Technology* topic where I don't think chemistry and astronomy (my favorite subjects) or microbiology could be discussed Smile
I'll ask Andy (who runs Gayspeak), if he would add another section for science if you would like, I have been frustrated that its only technology too lol. Oh your friend request is accepted :-)
I wrote him a PM about this problem! Smile

And I realised I can't send PMs to other members until I post at least 20 Smile
Oh I just sent him a pm too lol, maybe he will listen. Yeah you have to post about 20 times before you have access to certain features. Everything gets unlocked after about 50 posts, pm's are 20.
I like this forum! Seems like you can make friends here.. Most sites are about sex only.. :confused:
Yeah this forum is for general support for LGBT, its quite a family based forum and the members give good advice. I've been on here since about July/August and have enjoyed it. Yeah this forum is different, they don't tolerate people soliciting sex and things like that, its quite a change which is good. :-)
Yes, I see.

Oh I am afraid I have to study... even on the last day of the year.. exams are coming Sad
Yeah me too, just finished a piece of work due for the 12th, and I'm studying for exams. haha Good luck with your studies. Chat soon :-)
Ok! Good luck with yours too! Later Wink
All the best for the New Year Anthony. :-)

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