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It's time..... my friends...

I wanted to share this with you guys, and gals. I started to tear up right after this video, and felt a rush of emotions from my stomach to my heart... I can't explain it, but this video really touched me.

I hope you enjoy it. Comments : )
Movies like that, makes me realize how tolerant country I actually live in Smile
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.
Wow...intense. And I will agree, that made me cry. I'm really butchy, and it takes a lot to get me to cry. But, that....i am crying tear after tear. Very touching indeed.
Tongue Videos like that gives me hope.
Intense. I liked it a lot.
Heart warming.
Wow. Cry
lol, anyone watches davey wavey on youtube? !
iPromise Wrote:lol, anyone watches davey wavey on youtube? !

Only once - that was enough! :biggrin:
I liked it Confusedmile:
That guy is kinda cute too.
My BF told me he loved me.
Marriage equality scares me cause it means that my BF and I could eventually get married but I don't want things to change between us- its perfect as it is
Same-sex marriage is legal in my state.
But by all means I support marriage equality for the sake of others.

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