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Its been 18 months
Hello guys,
I have been out of the closet for 18 months now, and i never felt so liberated in all my life. There is this awe-inspiring of knowing who you are without living some Kind of pseudo double life.

Only my sister knows i am gay my other family members will never accept that. I come from a society which abbors homosexuality entirely. I would to make new friends and learn from others experiences. I been alone and i not finding It funny...

Hello Andrew...

I'm not sure how to help you. I know there are some very anti-gay laws in Nigeria. You need to be careful.
Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!
Andrew, I am terribly sorry you live where you live...I admire your courage in coming out

keep us informed about how you are doing every now and then

Be safe, please
Hello, Andrew, and Welcome to GaySpeak. As others here, I encourage you not to live the lie but to be a confident gay man. However, it is also a perfectly good idea to remain safe and not to get into trouble for nothing. Hope one day you find a way of being out and completely happy, not having to hide. Nigeria hasn't gone down the right legal route for the moment. Maybe they'll see the light some day soon?
Welcome Tongz, I was just in Port Harcourt on business a couple of months back. I imagine being able to share with your sister is a great start and huge relief. Be safe !
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