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If you guys ever make it down to San Antonio, and you like Mexican food, you gotta try Jacalas. It's on west avenue just off mcdermit freeway, yes it is in the middle of what appears to be a ghetto lol, kinda scary part of town, don't go looking for another because there is only on official Jacala restaurant owned by the family, and this is it.

hands down the best Mexican food i've ever had, the restaurant is nice but its not going to win any cleanliness awards lol, still its family run, very professional, and cares about the customer, they are EXTREMELY quick and cooking your meal (though its done right as you order it) though they are so popular if you come in the late evening, especially on friday, you might have a wait on your hands

while there recommend their award winning jacalas margarita, its really good, but has lots of liqour in it so be carefull, knocks you on your butt pretty quick.

the resturant (though its been refrubished of course) has been around forever, they where the first resturant to make and serve puffy tacos, and they make good ones mmmm

great, now its near midnight and i want mexican food ....

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