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Jay has reached 100 Posts!
Big congratulations to Jay for reaching the posting milestone of 100 posts today! WELL DONE! :-)

Thanks for all your great contributions so far and hope you continue to enjoy using the site and being part of our GS community.

Catch up with you soon,

Andy x

(PS: This is an automated message)
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.
Oh my gooooooooooooood.....

congratulations Jay, I'm sure you will never forget this day, such brave posters giving their time for so few...


more centuries to come I hope
Congratulations, Jay.... It'll be a busy day.... lol. Confusedmile:
Congrats Jay! It is always a pleasure to read your posts!
Congratulations ... nice to know that you are here, too... Confusedmile:
Proud to be Gay & Pagan

[Image: pentagramm.gif]

31.10 Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween
21.12 Yule
STOP eating Animals !
Someone else with nothing better to do :redface: Thank you for staying with us Wink
Oh how fast they grow up, it only seems like yesterday he was just a newbie. Well done Jay, keep them coming m8. Xyxthumbs
Laugh It's a pleasure to know everyone in here. Such lovely supportive friends.

Thanks Andy, Sil, PrinceAlbert, EastofEden, Fen, Marshlander and Rychard.

Thanks again everyone.
[SIZE=2]Sorry it's a little late Jay. I've been a little busy today.:redface:
Been great having ya around, and may you continue to be around.:biggrin:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Congrats Jay! I've read your posts and you make awesome contributions to this forum. I hope to read more in the near future.

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