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Jazz anyone?
Can anyone suggest some good jazz music albums and the such?
I am just realizing it is the perfect genre for me.
I like a lot of piano and just quiet and sleepy sounding stuff.

Any suggestiongs would be well appreciated.
Big Grin
Oooh, I like Jazz music! I don't really know of any albums though, there's just this radio station that plays Jazz music and I like listening to it on rainy days and during the night, it's really sleepy... lazy stuff that I like.

This isn't much of a suggestion but do you have iTunes installed? You could listen to one of the Jazz stations, my favorite is And iTunes tells you the song that's playing so you could get familiar with some singers and bands through that.
There is no short cut. Music takes place within a given time frame and it takes as long as it takes to listen and to build up a knowledge of repertoire. I wouldn't have it any other way, or else I would not still be learning.

Give your preference for softer piano music you might like to look at jazz piano trios (characteristically piano, double bass and drums). My favourite recently was the trio formed by the late Esbjörn Svensson.

Here's a list of jazz pianists that should take you a while to get through! You have a great adventure ahead of you.

List of jazz pianists - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jazz is good from time to time
My undeniable favourites are:

Melody Gardot
Rachelle Ferrell
Nina Simone
Billy Holiday
Jill Scott
Chris Botti

And a thousand others, oh man, this is a great genre. It actually feeds my melancholic nature, if that makes sense.

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